Not quitting my day job

So, I am not ready for the “R” word quite yet but a few ideas for What To Do Next have been noodling around through the back of my mind nevertheless. I know a lot of people who have known me since forever might think I will pick up my flute again and I may indeed do just that. There is a lot of interesting music out there that wasn’t around when I was studying music all those years ago and I may want to try some of it out. I think Titanium Pinky will do just fine.

But then there are visual arts like drawing and painting. I spent hours doing those things as a small child and I don’t think I was all that bad at them but then music (and boyz (and even mathematics)) took over my life in a huuuuuuuge way and drawing, etc., got left by the way.

This summer Lizard Breath bought starter watercolor kits for some of us cabin gals (me, her, Mouse, and C*Q*L). In true form, we were all so busy connecting with friends and relatives, not to mention Cabin Life, that we didn’t get around to using our kits until the last couple days if at all. On the last day, I hung at the moomincabin while the GG and the beach urchins did a north country trail hike. I needed some alone time and after I was done with shopping and a garbage run out to the res and I dunno what else, I broke out my water color kit and this is one of my 10-minute wonders. If you are at all familiar with the moominbeach, you may recognize a shrunk-down version of our waterfront view out toward Whitefish Point, from Iroquois Point to Round Island to Gros Cap (Cananananada).

This is probably the first time I have done anything with watercolor paints since I was about 10 so there was a learning curve associated with brushes and water and whatever. Just opening the package was a challenge 🐽. As the title suggests, I will not be quitting my day job any time soon but this was just so much FUN!!! I left my paint kit in my beach basket for the next time I am up there, which will be the last for this year. Alas.

2 Responses to “Not quitting my day job”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley, my artist, always found water color difficult. She loved oils. Not sure sometimes, especially lately, whether I should have retired. It seemed like a good decision in the circumstances. But those circumstances have changed. Sigh.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I don’t know about Washington, but in Missouri, a lot of retired teachers will substitute. At least one teacher that I know retired, then came back a couple of years later to be an interventionist. Instead of teaching math to a whole classes, she teaches it to fewer kids who need focus math or accelerated math. You will figure out where you want to be!