Outdoor kitchen

I spent much of the morning busily occupied in the Landfill back yard “processing” fresh veggies I bought from Farmer John at work and the farmers market this morning. Lemme see… Basil for two batches of pesto, one to eat tonight, the other to freeze, and green beans and chopped green pepper to freeze. We also have eggplant and corn and lettuce and fancy heirloom tomatoes and patty-pan squash and the cutest li’l red cabbage on earth (said Helen from Lake Divide) and I fergit what else but we’ll be eating all of that stuff within the next couple days.

The Landfill Refrigimatator’s freezer was virtually empty this week (so was the fridge, actually). That was by design and I am starting to fill up the freezer for the hardland of the winter. I don’t freeze a lot of stuff, just what I think we might use. In general, the grocery stores around here do a pretty good job in the winter and the farmers market has lettuce pretty much year-round. Lettuce is the main thing I am picky about. I prefer it fresh outta the ground from local farmers, I don’t mind washing it, and I do *not* want whatever was in that packaged romaine last spring. E. Coli, I think.

The GG wants me to blahg about the neighbors and, after some consideration, I think I will. I am pretty sure they don’t read my blahg or even know it exists. In fact, I’m not sure they read much of *anything* (channeling The Commander a bit here, from my childhood in the rugged yooperland outpost where I was raised). I’ll formulate it as a Twitter play.

[Shrieking is heard across the street]
@gg Like mother, like daughter.
@kw Which mother and which daughter? There are four generations of females living in that house.

I have to note that the great grandmother is maybe pushing 60. At any rate, these [long time] neighbors are apparently driving the GG nuts. I am more inclined to put it all down to a bit of neighborhood diversity. I’ll let y’all guess in what way they are diverse. It is probably not what you might be thinking 🐸

Oh, that loverly veggie in the pic? That is a tomatillo husk! Nothing much inside it yet but we are optimistic. Also, a lot of our tomatoes are reddening up!

2 Responses to “Outdoor kitchen”

  1. l4827 Says:

    We managed to kick off a couple of the little round red ones from the plant on the back deck tonight…

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love fresh veggies, although I’m only growing tomatoes. I’m starting to get quite a few of them. September will be prime time though. By the way, my brother and his family were in Ann Arbor and loved it. He is now sporting a Michigan cap. 🙂