Some people get to have all the fun

And that would mainly be the GG this afternoon when a tree fell outta the woods onto our loverly crappy old shed. There was no wind anywhere. As trees sometimes do in our Weird Woods, it fell down all by itself. It’s okay, we have been wanting to replace this shed for a while anyway, meaning we have been arguing about it. I want a folly, albeit a rustic one. I do NOT want a Home Depot type metal or even wood shed. We’ll see what we end up with.

This is the third tree that has fallen in our yard. The two previous trees also hit our house, causing us to hire roofers and whatever to fix the damage. Today’s tree fell out of the woods behind the house and so wasn’t close enough to hit the house.

I grew up in a forest on the shores of Gitchee Gumee and although trees occasionally fall down there, none have ever fallen on the moomincabin (hope I am not jinxing myself here) and I have only personally witnessed one tree fall. It was a birch tree. It fell on a beautiful warm windless October day. It didn’t fall *over*. It simply imploded into itself. The Commander and Radical Betty and I had just finished closing the moomincabin for the year and we were enjoying fancy take-out food and whine from Karl’s Cuisine on the deck when it happened.

Here at the Landfill, we have a Weird Woods behind us. Tree incidents that I can think of offhand? The time a tree got waterlogged and kind of imploded upon itself (like the moomincabin birch tree, I guess), taking down power lines with it, which caused a huge bunch of lucky-shuckial sparking behind a neighbor’s house and small faaaaaars in backyards a couple blocks away. Then there was the time lightning hit a tree in the woods and SPLINTERED it, sending sharp slivers of wood shrapnel throughout a block radius. One of those sticks shattered the Frog Hopper’s sun roof. There are more weird stories about our woods but I’ll stop there.

One Response to “Some people get to have all the fun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    If trees ever start falling down here for no reason, I am done for.