Make up yer mind

Flag at full or half mast? I dunno much about actual flag protocol but if you are putting it up and down willy-nilly, it just looks stoopid. Almost like there is a big tug of war going on inside the White House. Like people are trying to explain to Orangey that the flag should be kept at half-mast until the funeral is over and they think they have him convinced but then he puts it back up again. This isn’t about your petty little personal differences with McCain, prezzy. Appearances doooooo matter, at least in this kind of situation.

I am not going to go on and on lamenting McCain’s death. I am *not* lamenting it and don’t even have a well-formed opinion of him. People who actually knew him can lament (or not). I *am* annoyed that the stable genius occupying the White House would disrespect someone who spent five years in an enemy prison camp. What the heck would Trump have done if he were shot down and captured in the manner that McCain has described? I can only guess he might have been quite a different person than the prez I love to hate.

Was McCain a good or bad person? Like most of us, I believe he was both. A thing I like? There is a viral video going around from the 2008 Obama/McCain presidential race that I remember when it first occurred. You’ve probably seen it. A woman at a McCain campaign rally said that she didn’t trust Obama because he was an “Arab” and McCain countered that, no, Obama was a “decent family man” and they simply disagreed on various policies. As the video recently resurfaced, Twitter quickly pointed out that “decent family man” is not the opposite of “Arab”. I *totally* agree but I also think that in the early 21st century media climate, we can’t expect people to spontaneously respond to random questions with eloquently phrased well thought out answers. I would be going bdah bdah bdah if I were asked that question. Duh, where’s my spreadsheet, etc.

That is a long way of saying Mr. McCain has done and said some things I agree with. Twitter talks about other things he has done that I don’t like so much. What I do like is that he seemed to have at least some common sense and a willingness to speak up honestly about things he felt weren’t right.

I am sorry. I broke two of my blahgging “rules”. I talked about polly-ticks and a celebrity death. In one blasted post! It is much more interesting than what is going on around here at the Landfill (nothing much except it’s hot and the “cougar cat cam” is not following me any more) or Cubelandia (nothing you want to know about).

Updated to add this loverly hairy mushroom pic the GG sent from his campsite at Kneff Lake (which I am about to google because I have no clue where it is).

2 Responses to “Make up yer mind”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with you about McCain, and also about the orange baboon. The first I respected, although I did disagree with his stances on many things, the other I have 0 respect for, and believe him to be an embarrassment and hazard to this country.

  2. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    Ditto to everything Margaret (and you!) said!