My secret boyfriend?

OK, sometime in the late morning, I figured out that the grumpy growler’s evo cam was pointed at my kitchen. I dunno what took me so long. I’ve been stumbling over that thing and its plug for a while now. Why is it pointed into my chitchen? I do not know! I am really kinda irritated that I am apparently being surveilled. Does he think I am entertaining a boyfriend here or what? Jeebus!

The pic is not what the evo cam took but it is similar. I “hacked” a bit into evo cam but did not pursue it to a great extent and I couldn’t figger out how to get the actual evo cam pic ported over to my MacBook or phone.

My mouse often cans tomatoes in my kitchen at the end of August. I love when she does that but it didn’t work out this summer and she knows she is welcome to use my chitchen whenever she wants, whether I am in town or not. We all struggle with when/how to arrange work schedules and paid time off. I was happy that the beach urchins were able to arrange some good time at the moominbeach this summer 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “My secret boyfriend?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Evo cam? Not sure what that is. Ryan had a cat cam trained on their L.A. apartment when they were gone. We spent quite a lot of time watching Ziggy. 🙂