Broccoli Almond Lasagne? Naw…

Lizard Breath and I had a conversation a while back about the kinds of dishes broccoli is appropriate in. We pretty much agreed that it does not belong in things like enchiladas or lasagne.

I have to admit that I have never thought about putting broccoli in either of those dishes before and I doubt I will ever put it into either of them. I love broccoli. I liked it well enough as a teenage child but it was also then that I discovered that it was a cure for a garlic hangover. The Commander used to make garlic bread with minced garlic and it was good but once, I got a big enough chunk of garlic clove that it stayed with me throughout the whole next day, walking down Superior Street and on to the old high school and whatever. A dose of broccoli got rid of the garlic.

Back in those days broccoli mostly came in a rectangular frozen form so that’s what I cooked for myself in the shabby old Superior Street kitchen. Nowadays the only veggie I buy frozen is peas and every time I buy frozen peas, I lament the short period of time I can buy peas to shell at the farmers market.

Broccoli is pretty good plain or sometimes in noodle casseroles or the wonderful salad my aunt Katie used to make. It doesn’t work in lasagne or enchiladas.

I am reading a book, The Overstory, in which a an otherwise wonderful character creates a broccoli almond lasagne for his wife’s lunch. Um, not.

No broccoli was used in the pic. These are pizzas that our cousin’s SO engineered for dinner at the Moomincabin. They found eggplant at the Sault Ste. Siberia Meijer, so they made eggplant parm too. We ate so well that night!

P.S. After sleeping on it, maybe broccoli would go in lasagne, properly cut up. But not almonds. I like spinach, mushrooms, and pattypan squash (or carrots) in veggie lasagne.

One Response to “Broccoli Almond Lasagne? Naw…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No almonds in lasagna, but definitely broccoli, although not big pieces. Having two vegetarians in the house, I’ve had several versions of veggie lasagna. Henry made a great one too. Sigh.