Grinding along

The last weeks of August are often a “downtime” for me at Cubelandia and this year is no exception. I have a LOT to do but for the most part it doesn’t feel like very productive work. I’m mostly picking away at updating our high fidelity prototype to reflect a recent product facelift. That means a LOT of html/css/javascript coding. Some days it’s interesting, other days, it’s mind-numbingly boring. By the time Friday rolls around, it is usually mind-numbling boring, at least in the afternoon.

I have to add to that the recent death of Amazon Woman’s mom. AW is my [awesome] supervisor and her mom’s death was not unexpected. The last few weeks have been the horrible waiting game that comes with an expected end-of-life decline. I know about that because I have been there done that a couple times. To respect her recent bereavement, I won’t go into detail about it even though I highly doubt she knows of this blahg’s existence. At any rate, she has been out (appropriately) a lot the last couple weeks and will be out (appropriately) for the most part next week. We miss her but we can cover for her. Rest in peace and Godspeed to her mom.

So, I porterized myself over at Knight’s tonight. Reservations were booked up so we tried our luck as walk-ins. That seemed okay when I got there. I put my name in as “Curtis” (Courtois) and they said 25 minutes. After quite a bit more than 25 minutes, we still weren’t seated but then Mr. Porter went to ask how long the wait would be for the “Curtis” party and we almost immediately got a table and Porters this and that and whatever. How is this and how is that and is this table okay and yada yada. They didn’t seem to have “Curtis” on their list… I think the next time I go to meet the Porters over at Knight’s without a reservation, I should just give “Porter” as the name. On the other hand, Knight’s might not recognize meeeeee as one of the Porters. This is all okay. A good time was had by all.

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  1. l4827 Says:

    Without reservation, it was a great Knight.