I’ll take it.

Take what? Lemme see…

The Smartwool hoodie vest that I went thru holy hell to order yesterday arrived today! The site would NOT accept either paypal or my credit card. I tried multiple times from two devices. I’m sure it was user error but I couldn’t figger out what the error was. Finally I started from scratch and wallah voila (wallah is NOT A WORD!), it was on my porch when I got home today! Yes, I did do express shipping. It was freeeeeeee, which meant it was cheaper than the longer options 🐽 Go figger.

CheezeMouz. I bought her at the Sault Ste. Siberia summer art fair a couple years ago. That art fair used to be an event not to miss back when The Commander was still around. Everyone anywhere near the moominbeach made it a point to go there and I bought numerous Annie Hubbard prints there, and earrings, before my fave jewelry artists died. This year we were occupied with saying goodbye to various guests that day and I totally forgot about the art fair.

New shed? It always amazes me what people glom on to when I post stuff on any form of social media. When I posted pics of the treefall on our shed, I just figured it was a humorous post: “tree fell on crappy old shed, no one hurt, chainsaw guy does whatever, haha”. On facebook people kept saying I should bug our homeowner’s insurance company for money. We have had two trees fall on our house in history and we have bugged the insurance company both times (plus when the 1997 ice storm took out a bunch of appliances, etc.). They have always paid. This time, this incident, we are not going to bother. It’s just not worth it [delete long explanation – you’re welcome].

Oh yeah. YOU GO JEFFIE! And I do not mean Mrdeeds, my co-worker who is NOT in Washington. It’s about time that JBS (you know who he is) grew a blasted backbone (and a pair o’ you-know-what) and stood up to the Master of Word Salad Twitter Attacks. Thank you for remembering that the organization you are charged with running works for the people of the United States, not the president, and thank you for speaking up. Keep it up. Your descendants will be proud of you and if the Orange Baboon faaaars you, you can always “write” a book. Like Omarosa did…

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