A motley group of Yoopers visits King Tut

Okay, an acquaintance via Sam (archaeologist, not dog) and the Guru is a professional writer with a personal blog and she wrote about something the other day that knocked me back a bit. I mean back in history. I will link to the entry that knocked me back but her blog is well worth a regular visit. I have been reading it for years (15 years?) and am an occasional commenter.

First of all, long enough ago that I am not strong enough to count the years, King Tut made a visit to Chicago, the field museum if I have it right. I haven’t been in Chicago for quite a number of years, probably since we dropped Mouse off at O’Hare for her flight to Senegal*. This was an opportunity that could NOT be missed according to highly cultured people like Radical Betty and The Commander and so a little convoy of vee-hickles made its way down from the yooperland to Chicago. I *think* I was driving my crappy old Pinto Wagon but maybe I was driving something my parents owned that might’ve been a bit more reliable. My brother would remember, alas.

As luck would have it, one of my cousins and her family owned a loverly home in Michigan City, Indiana, which is along the shore to the east of Chicago. No one would be at her home that weekend, so we descended upon it as our base of operations (oh, of course we had permission!). I fergit all of the details of that weekend. The exhibit was crowded as all getout and I envied my tall skinny old coot for his ability to stand behind shorter people and look down at whatever it was and therefore move through the exhibit more quickly than I could. Oh yeah, there was the time the toddler ran up to me and GRABBED ME AROUND THE LEGS, mistaking me for her mother. That is she mistook my legs for her mother’s legs. Beyond legs we didn’t look ANYTHING alike.

Like my old coot, I am not a very good museum person. Well he did like airplane museums… I take things in very quickly and shallowly (is that a word?) and then I want to get outta there. Still, after all these years, I am glad I took the opportunity to go to that exhibit.

So then, after the exhibit, we got back to Michigan City. It was dinner time and we wanted something more than fast food, like a good steak. We were driving around in the downtown and things seemed absolutely dead around there. My good old Uncle Duke spotted a bored looking cop walking around and flagged him down, figuring he would know where to get a decent meal. I’m sure the cop sized up the baggy old gray haired folks in the car and he directed us to what had to have been the Maxine and Heinie’s restaurant mentioned in Nancy’s blog.

I remember good food, cocktails, and service. I do not remember any singing dog videos. What I do remember is a TV set (or maybe multiple sets) broadcasting Lawrence Welk at top volume. The folks in our older generation (at the time) were *not* Lawrence Welk fans at all but after an initial moment of aghastness (I know that’s not a word 🐽), they laughed uproariously and a good time was had by all. “That cop had us pegged as baggy old Lawrence Welk fans!” said Radical Betty or whoever. Actually, I think he did have us pegged but not necessarily as LW fans.

*If you have read this far, click here to read about our September 2007 journey from The Planet Ann Arbor to Chicago O’Hare to (ulp) send our Mouse off to Senegal for a six-month study abroad. Her iPod had died in the middle of the night before… The iPhones I talk about in the post are our FIRST iPhones! How many have we owned since then? I cannot count. We have Xs now.

4 Responses to “A motley group of Yoopers visits King Tut”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m like you in museums and have also sent a daughter off to Senegal on numerous occasions! Was I reading your blog then? I doubt it, but I will go check it out and see if it sounds familiar.

  2. jane Says:

    I also went to see King Tut. I remember standing in a very long line to get in. But I was still a short kid, so seeing the exhibit required squeezing between adults. Sigh. Not my best museum experience, although all that gold was amazing.
    That said, I DO highly recommend seeing the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, currently in Cleveland. And it doesn’t matter how tall you are!

  3. Pooh Says:

    >Jane, …and you had to sleep in the same room as your two sister-uglies, and one future BIL!

  4. isa Says:

    i like this post 🙂