In my Freakout Chamber

Okay, how many times have I been at HL this summer? Not too many. Sometime in June, maybe? A day or so before the 4th of July. And that’s about it. I have not been on the pontoon bote ALL SUMMER! Every time I’ve been here all summer, the weather has been, well, not pontoon-able. Not that the bote couldn’t handle the weather, just that who wants to be out in the middle of Houghton Lake on a pontoon bote in rain and wind?

We are here for the whole Labor Day weekend! Yay! We may leave Monday or we may leave Tuesday. We haven’t decided yet. The Mackinac Bridge is closed Monday morning for the annual bridge walk so if we drive up Monday, it’ll have to be later in the day. We could always meander up the left coast through Petoskey, etc.

We’ll see… On the way up today, we were contemplating an evening bote cruise over to the tiki bar. As it turned out, the traffic was pretty awful so we took not-very-friendly detours and then the GG decided he needed to mow the lawn when we got here. And that took a while. So by the time he was done with that, the idea of taking the cover off the bote and figgering out if it had enough gasoline in it, not to mention that it was a bit windy, was enough for us to decide to drive over instead.

As it turned out, the tiki bar was slammed. We got a seat at the bar *inside* and it still took at least an hour for our food to come. We love the North Shore Bar and we know that it (and its tiny kitchen) is not really prepared for holiday weekend crowds. We were patient and eventually we got served. I loved that the cover band outside by the tiki bar played the title track from Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” [YouTube and starts with an ad] and until the singer started singing, I didn’t even realize it was a cover band. I love Pink Floyd and I think I remember The Comm once commenting that she liked “that music”.

Anyway, we are here at Houghton Lake and I am in my Freakout Chamber listening to children swimming a couple of cabins down the shore. I am happy that I am not tasked with lifeguard duty, although if the fun-sounding squeals turn scary, I will be in the water PDQ.

Love y’all and g’night.

One Response to “In my Freakout Chamber”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We are parents forever, and even of other people’s children. Hope you don’t have to go to the rescue. Have a wonderful long weekend up there. I have a few excursions planned, but nothing major.