Hurricane territory

Stealing a photooo one of my beach urchins sent me today, I hope it’s okay with her. At least it wasn’t an “incriminating” one featuring actual people (those photos are up to her to post). It’s just a [beautiful] beach. Guess where this beach is? It is Myrtle Beach. South Carolina, roight? I’ve never been there. I have walked the beach on Assateague Island, not sure if we were in Maryland or Virginia, the island spans both states. I was wearing a long down coat I bought in the Jurassic Age – think beige and PUFFY! – and listening to a cassette tape of some beautiful Celtic music. It was by a woman whose name and instrument I can’t quiiiiite remember at the moment but I was getting teary-eyed missing my own northern beach, which would’ve been snow and ice-covered at that time of year. That would be a story for another day though.

This was a long-planned trip and although Florence didn’t totally derail it, she morphed it somewhat and the beach urchin and friend landed, as was long planned, in Myrtle Beach but are driving a long way inland to a different destination where I’m guessing the utility grid is more stable. Yesterday when we were driving down from Hoton Lake to The Planet Ann Arbor, we stopped at Freeway Fritz for gas and my iPhone proclaimed flash flood alerts for NC, including the area they would be traveling to. I am a mooma duck but, because my children are independent successful adults, I sat on my hands so as not to text her to “alert” her about that potential. I know she and her friends are much more on top of the situation than I am with my silly little weather app alerts and lack of comprehensive knowledge about NC geography, etc.

Being from the moominbeach, I of course noticed the taaaarrr tracks on the beach in the photo. I dunno what the rules are about driving vee-hickles on that beach so I will pass no judgment about that here. It did make me remember when, on occasion, taaaarrr tracks were observed on the moominbeach. Taaaarrr tracks always stirred up a Big Flap and various people would react with horror and disgust. Radical Betty would be snorting smoke out of her nose and flapping her tail this way and that.

2 Responses to “Hurricane territory”

  1. Paulette Says:

    I remember one time George M telling me that he saw someone driving a motorcycle on the beach coming his way. He flagged them down and told the unlucky voyager that he did not want to have to put the crowbar he had in his hand into the spokes, but would if he had to. He loved telling that story.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I think vehicles are allowed on Washington beaches, which I disagree with. They not only are a danger, but they get stuck and have to be rescued.