More lost and found, turtlenecks, and kitchen fans

That other item I mentioned that was lost? Safe deposit key! Jeebus. For umpteen gazillion years, I kept it in a particular little cubby where I knew I could always find it. Chaos intervened in the form of dealing with The Commander’s safe deposit box (key confusion) and eventually the GG’s new status as The Pensioner. It got moved. I was probably TOLD that it got moved. Neither one of us could find it. I don’t even know if there’s even anything IN the safe deposit box at the moment. We certainly don’t own anything valuable. But this situation became emergent because the bank branch we have been using FOREVER is CLOSING! So we have to move our box. By the end of next week… A Major Rummaging Session ensued and yesterday the key was finally located. There’s a reason we have a BASKET for keys to automotive vee-hickles and there is a reason to never move safe deposit keys.

And then there is that integral part of my Winter Uniform (and sometimes summer, given our northern climate), the silk/wool Chico’s turtleneck. This is one of the pieces and parts of my wardrobe that basically allows me to dress identically EVERY DAY in the cold weather months without people noticing that I am wearing the same outfit every day. For the last 10 years, I have been able to reliably get tnecks in black and various jewel tone colors from Chicos. My two remaining black tnecks wore through on the left elbow last winter. I seem to have a habit of leaning my left elbow on my desk when I’m sitting with my feet up thinking. I am allowed to do that. It’s a major perk of my job. The Thinking Time, not the Sitting.

I looked up tnecks on Chicos last spring and there were none to be found. Okay, they’ve got their summer clothes out. I’ll just wait until the fall/winter stuff comes around again. I’ve been checking since August and all they have are a couple leftovers in colors like ecru, which is not a COLOR in my book, at least not for clothing. Today they spammed me with an email notification about a leopard dress. Leopard dress? I don’t need no stinkin’ leopard dress! I need some black and jewel-toned tnecks for my uniform. So I tweeted at them. Of all things, they replied to my tweet saying to stay tuned for the rest of their fall clothing to come out. I am cautiously optimistic that they will have their usual tnecks, especially in black.

And then I was in a one-on-one with Amazon Woman today and after we [quickly] dispatched with what I am working on and what I should be working on, we got into a discussion about stove hoods, etc. She has spent the last year having a house built in the development “behind” our work and often regales us with tales of dealing with various clashes with the builder. Today’s tale involved her stove hood.

I couldn’t help dredging up this photo of my kitch literally the day it was finished. If you embiggen it, you can see a piece of paper on the counter. That paper indicates that the job was finished. I kind of expected I would end up with a hood over my stove. Certified Kitchen Lady took one look at the fan and had other ideas. “That is so cool!” said she, “mid-century modern yada yada”. So it got cleaned up and reinstalled and she was right. It is a small kitchen and a big hood might have been overwhelming. And the fan works and is kinda pretty.

I like to say that the kitchen is full of carefully curated clutter nowadays. It sorta is but at this particular moment it is also kind of a mess 🐽

P.S. I have nothing against leopard clothing. I froze to death regularly in a CUTE fake leopard skin coat that I coveted at Barish’s back in high school and somehow convinced The Comm to buy for me. It was not a very warm coat and I was also wearing nylons (or did we have pantyhose by then?) walking up Superior Street to Sault High when the temperature was something like 32 below zero and I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT WIND CHILL! I dunno how I never got frostbite.

2 Responses to “More lost and found, turtlenecks, and kitchen fans”

  1. isa Says:

    You didn’t get frostbite because you operate on a different temperature scale from the rest of us.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Hope you can get those t-necks. I think Ashley will be buying a bunch of them (and other warm clothing) in NY. Moving from LA to Poughkeepsie will show her what winter really is! Love your kitchen and the fan. šŸ™‚