Lost and found 🐽

Yes, it is a laundry basket! What is in it? Laundry, my friends. Clean, dry, folded up laundry. And a soap dish that took a trip through the Landfill dishioshio washer. Down on the bottom, where you can’t see them are Radical Betty’s beach towel and my fave light blue bath towels.

This laundry is the last of *last* summer’s (I mean 2017) moomincabin laundry. I *thought* I had sent it up to the yooperland with the GG to drop off during one of his north country trail boondoggles. And then we couldn’t find it. I looked *everywhere* at the moomincabin. I looked *everywhere* at the Landfill. Could he have dropped it off at the Hoton Lake group home? That wouldn’t make any sense because there is a washer and dryer there so we don’t normally take laundry home from there and therefore don’t drop it back off. Nevertheless, I looked *everywhere* there. Nothing. Anywhere. How does one lose a whole basket of clean, dry, folded up laundry (plus a soap dish)?

But then. Today. We were rummaging the Landfill for another missing artifact. We did not find the other artifact but we (the GG) found the missing laundry basket. It was in a closet. A closet in the guest bedroom. A closet I am sure I looked in fifty times but somehow did not notice a laundry basket. One full of clean, dry, folded up laundry (and a soap dish). Jeebus!

Now if we could just figure out what we did with the other artifact because it is a much more important artifact… 🐽

P.S. We found the other artifact! Yaaaaay!

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