A whole bunch of air conditioners

Take a deeeeeeep breath KW. I was advised that the b word I used yesterday was NSFW. Now that I have done a bit more extensive googling, I am horrified. I decided not to remove the word but to replace oo with **. That [arguably] at least makes it less of a google bomb. The post is a bit “edgy” for my blahg but I am pretty p*issed off, as I think a lot of women are, so it stays.

But I am going to catch my breath for a few seconds on this gorgeous Saturday and contemplate the apples that are NOT all over my back yard this year.

The apple tree is still there albeit a bit diminished since The Pensioner did some serious chainsawing. Not sure if that was a good thing or not… Anyway, in all of the years we have lived here, the tree typically produces anywhere from zero to a bitsy little smattering of apples that get eaten by insects or rodents or whatever before we even notice they are there.

And then there was 2013 when the dern thing was LOADED with apples. They were beautiful multicolored apples, small and tasted really good. I have no clue what kind. You might ask, whaddya mean, you are related to Johnny Appleseed? How can you not know what kind of apples those are? I may or not be related to Johnny Appleseed. Or Dan’l Boone. Some “old lady” in my mother’s family started up those stories. Who knows if they are true. Ancestors of my maternal grandmother lived in Kentucky if I am correct and Johnny Appleseed’s actual name Chapman is (I think) somewhere in her family tree. But still.

Anyway, in 2013 I could walk out in the back yard and pick apples up off the ground to my heart’s content. They were small and tasted soooooo good. Every year since then (including this year)? Zero to a bitsy little smattering of apples that get eaten by insects or rodents or whatever before we even notice they are there.

Why did we get so many apples in 2013? Weird weather for a couple of years. Spring 2012 (after The Commander died) was hot hot hot hot, like 90 degrees for days on end and there was a tornado in Dexter, less than miles west of my house. Flowering trees bloomed in March (usually they don’t do that until late April or May). A freeze in April wreaked havoc with that year’s apple crop. I forget the scientific explanation for what happened the NEXT year but it resulted in a bumper crop of apples EVERYWHERE, even from our little old tree.

At any rate, I sprung for a bluefin tuna steak down at Monahan’s this morning (they had tweeted that they had bluefin) so we are grilling that tonight plus we’ll have mashed turnips with horseradish and various other veggies, picking from fresh lima beans (bought $20 worth of them today), sliced ‘maters, the last of Farmer John’s sweet corn, and broccoli. We’ll just have to see what I end up cooking.

Last but not least, the daughter of one of my long-time blahggy friends, Margaret, is getting married today, out in the PacNW. Congratulations to all! 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “A whole bunch of air conditioners”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t wait to be able to post photos of the wedding. It’s hard to have a professional photographer, even when it’s my nephew. I want the pictures now!! 🙂