B**fin’ around

Well. Not tonight. Actually I just googled “b**f” and Merriam-Webster defined it as a dog bark. I always thought a dog bark was “woof” but whatever. Is someone (from the Senate) editing definitions or was “b**f” always defined as a dog bark. Until this week I had never heard the term “b**f” so I would be the last person to ask. Apparently it has nothing to do with either a dog barking or flatulence but whatever.

It’s been a long, grueling week. I did not actually watch the circus that happened yesterday because I was at work. I did check in and out of it throughout the day via news stories from various sources brought to me by Twitter. Don’t laugh. Twitter is a useful source of news, probably better than watching five minutes a day of Bay News 9 or TV 9 & 10. Although I do enjoy a wee bit of TV 9 & 10 from time to time.

I have been challenged over and over and over about why I do not think Kavanaugh should be on the Supreme Court. I’m not sure I have a well reasoned argument for why he shouldn’t. I do NOT think that a person is entitled to serve on our highest court simply because he went to a particular prep school and Ivy League college. I’m not even sure that a law degree from Yale automatically guarantees that a person is a good lawyer but then I am not crazy about lawyers in general and have personally experienced only ONE lawyer that I consider to be any good. The other four laywers I have dealt with could not even demonstrate the ability to write a comprehensible sentence. I kinda wonder if Kavanaugh can write a sentence or if he farms his writing out to a smart, well-trained [underpaid] assistant of some sort.

So, what has he done to make himself stand out? I dunno…

I empathize with the female victims of sexual abuse that are coming forward. I have been that kind of victim myself although I have never talked about any of my incidents (and won’t ever). Frankly, I was not terribly traumatized. But that’s because I wasn’t physically injured and I am a very strong (albeit humble) person who had a place to go (the moominbeach) where my loving family took care of me just by being there and being mine. They didn’t know about these experiences because I didn’t tell them. They loved me unconditionally and they didn’t need to know. Many many women, if not most, are not blessed with my privileged life situation, which is privileged in a totally different (and MUCH more humble) way than Judge Kavanaugh’s. I feel those women’s pain.

I’m happy that (last I checked in on the news) there will be an official FBI investigation. I’m not sure what the FBI will turn up or what will happen if/when a final vote is taken. A lifetime position on the Supreme Court is not something to be rushed through or awarded to a person just because that person feels entitled to it via their family connections and the schools they attended.

G’night, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad about the investigation too! I don’t want this guy on the court for many reasons, mostly because he doesn’t seem like he would be fair or non-judgmental.