After another epic driving day we are in a cheepo motel, part of a chain that I am not crazy about. At least this one is not at the end of an airport runway but I am iffy about the kind of the clientele I have encountered so far. Last night we were in a sweet Best Western in Chattanooga and I felt comfortable enough there to sit with the door open to the outside for a while in the evening. Tonight? Not so much. Where are the baggy old pensioners? Where are the polite teenage soccer tournament players and their parents? Where are the fishermen? Oh, that was in Steinhatchee (“steen”, not “stine” and if I have it right, “hatchee” means river). We won’t make it over there this trip. The folks hanging around this place sound loud and occasionally belligerent. But the pool is outside our room so maybe they’ll go away once it closes for the night.

Why are we here? Our original plan was to stay somewhere in the Gainesville area but it is a Football Saturday there. Believe it or not, Football Saturdays do happen in other places than the Planet Ann Arbor. We were kinda looking for a Best Western, like what we had last night. I am not sure what it cost but it was NOT $370, like the one in Gainesville!!! Not anywhere near. I would’ve paid a bit of a premium price to stay in a Football Town on a Football Saturday but not three times the regular price or whatever it was. I KNOW that Best Westerns are not usually all that expensive.

Anyway, here we are. We did spend a few fun, relaxing hours in Gainesville. The cBear saved the GG’s life with snacks and a beer and me and Pengie helped the cBear finish a bottle of whine that he wasn’t sure he was all that crazy about. I said, “It’s red! Yay!” Then we schlepped downtown for dinner at the Top, *during* the football game, always good food and good times at the Top. (To be completely honest, we were offered the spare room at their beautiful townhouse and it was tempting but we saw some value in getting a little further down the road, so…)

I posted Pengie and cBear’s tortoiseshell catsas on Instagram (because cats of Instagram, roight and I don’t have my own cats so I have to borrow other people’s cats). Of all things, one of my old YAG buddies commented that her DAUGHTER, who I KNOW, is now living in Gainesville and what the heck was I doing there? Small and beautiful world.

Tomorrow we are into the unknown. I mean we know where we are going geographically but we are not all that sure what we will exactly be doing this week except that I will be telecommuting every single minute I can. Doing my work is soothing although doing it in the car in bright sunlight is a bit difficult because I keep losing track of the dern cursor (and I can’t get to the internet and the battery dies after a couple hours). Anyway, as of halfway through tomorrow, we are forging ahead into a new adventure. Wish us luck.

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  1. Sam Says:

    Best of luck, both of you!