Cockroach count: 1

One cockroach is one more than we want to have. Yes we know that they can multiply quickly. The GG has become a veritable expert on cockroaches. I was hanging out in the Landfill Chitchen this morning, washing lettuce and spinach that I got at the farmers market. I saw an unfamiliar insect running across my beautiful quartz countertop. I did not immediately recognize that insect so I called the Resident Cockroach Expert to come and inspect. He observed the insect and stood transfixed in horror! He ushered the cockroach into the sink and flushed it down into the drain with hot water. He said something like “It’s dead now. That hot water killed it.” I said, “Maybe not”, then I turned on the garbage disposal and said, “*That* killed it!” We now have Roach Hotels around the house.

We used to go to Grand Blanc a lot. My brother and his family lived there for many years. He died (in 2005), and eventually his widow moved back to her “homeland” (Bay City area). I was not told when she moved but I figured it out via cryptic messages/comments on Facebook and we once drove past her new house. I never figgered out why this was such a big frickin’ secret. I mean c’mon, what do you think I’m gonna do, send anthrax to your house? Naaawwwww. That said, as of a couple weeks ago, we have another relative in the Grand Blanc area.

So we went up there today and we kinda wanted to take our relative out for lunch and a beer but that didn’t really work out so we eventually left and ate lunch at Little Joe’s Tavern. This is a place that opened in 1932 and is still going. They did a big renovation recently and it was a wonderful place to eat. We sat at the bar and I ordered some kind of fancy chili and I have some of it here back in the Landfill Chitchen refrigerator. And we had great fun talking to various other couples eating at the bar. We were all watching the crazy weather that was happening this afternoon. Yes we got some snow (if you want to call it that). And there was thunder. Say yes to Michigan!

I think this will be one of our go-to restaurants when we travel to Grand Blanc.

One Response to “Cockroach count: 1”

  1. Margaret Says:

    NO to the cockroach. They are difficult to kill so I’m glad for the roach motels of death. Our weather is getting colder but is still beautiful. Rain is on the way, but (hopefully) no snow, or very little.