I dunno why I’m not able to sleep with a goat during the afternoon. Even with a big bright light over my head.

We met up with npJane and the beach urchins and their SOs at H.O.M.E.S. this afternoon for beer/whine and Asian style brunch. I had Korean BBQ chicken wings and I came home with two out of six plus whatever was left of Mouse’s fries. npJane was wondering something like what the heck was going on with that crazy “LSD-like” Florida trip? She had mainly seen the bits and pieces I posted here and there on the internet. Alas, she did not get a linear story about it today. Like so many of the other things that happen in my life, I couldn’t tell a linear story if I tried. So many bits and pieces in all different directions with characters of all descriptions. People too complicated to describe in a few sound bites… … …

For about a split second there, I was thinking about what it would be like to write a novel based on some of the things that have happened in my life. How would I portray some of the characters without inadvertently identifying them and maybe hurting them? Where and when would I set the story? How would I organize the rambling map of details and what would I leave out? I doubt I will ever write a novel of any sort. I am a, well, a, um, “different” kind of a writer and I have no aspirations to write such a book and, in the grand scheme of things, I’m not sure that the occasional craziness that invades my life is really worth putting into a book. So my stories will continue to come out in whatever bits and pieces I can manage to find words to spit out in some kind of intelligible sequence.

npJane had places to go and people to see today. The rest of us retreated to the Landfill for the afternoon, where the GG built the first indoor faaaaar of the season and promptly fell asleep, under his light and next to his goat. We eventually had lasagne and stuff for dinner and then the younger generation decamped and we are hanging out here alone. *Everyone* has to work tomorrow. That includes the GG although he will not be paid for his work, at least not in dollars.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I do such a poor job of explaining the complexities of events and people in my life on the blog (or in person) that I sometimes feel like I should give up. But then I realize that it’s therapeutic for me to wrestle with all of it. And I do mean WRESTLE! I feel sorry for my friends and blog friends/readers.