We are living in a plutonium world and I am a plutonium girl

Two of my fave photooos ever. You can’t really embiggen them much because these are from scans that I saved at lower resolutions than I would EVER do nowadays. I keep thinking I will find the originals and re-scan them. I have them. But then I get busy…

So this one gained my beach urchin her 15 minutes of notoriety as it was included in an “environmental quiz” (built by her dad using hypercard, if I remember accurately) that made its way to Warshington DC. I’m sure no one remembers this by now. Except us.

And then there’s this one and it’s probably a goooood thing that you can’t embiggen this one too much because the butts would just look bigger. Except for the weeee skinny li’l baby butt, which you can’t see anyway because it’s under water. I wanted to link to the old Bertha Butt song but I can’t find a decent version of it so y’all can do your own damn googling.

In other news, no, Michigan laws do not allow smoking anywhere inside bars or restaurants (as of 2009) and dogz cannot accompany their owners into barrrooooms (and sit in their own seat) unless they are trained service dogz (cue lotsa complicated laws and regulations about that whole subject, ones that I do not know). I do know that Fla has its own laws but there are a heckuva lot more outdoor barroooooms there and they are open pretty much year-round and maybe if you are kind of a local “character” with an oxygen tank and a sweet little dawg, your dog might be welcome to his own seat on a quiet night. Alas, not so much in Michigan.

P.S. “Warshington” was NOT a typo. Make whatever you want to outta that 🧡 but Go Blue and this time I am not talking about the University of Michigan’s football team.

2 Responses to “We are living in a plutonium world and I am a plutonium girl”

  1. isa Says:

    <3 <3 <3

  2. Margaret Says:

    Go Blue! It sounds like there have been several tough adjustments to be made due to relocation. That’s tough on everyone.