On mah way outta Cubelandia this afternoon

No, it is not the best pic, hanging my iPhone out the Ninja’s window. Which I was able to STOP because there was nobody anywhere near me. I took a single photo and then I took a 51-photo burst. Somehow the best of *all* those photos was the singleton and I deleted the whole frickin’ burst.

I will never be a wildlife photographer. In fact, I will never be anything more than an amateur iPhoneographer. When I first got an iPhone (11 years ago, just before I started working over at Cubelandia), I still had a digital cam. I kept that around for a while (it’s probably *still* around) but eventually I figgered out that the iPhone cam was pretty much as good as the digital. Oh, not that the digital was all that fancy a cam. In fact, somehow with the iPhone, I was doing stuff I wouldn’t have thought to do with the traditional cam, like for a while I found myself taking photooos on a slant. Not a good thing to over-do but it did expand my artistic repertoire a bit, artistic used loosely.

I started my diet in those years. I mean the diet where I get rid of all the extraneous possessions in my life. And yes it is a yo-yo diet. You get rid of a sh*tload of stuff. Then. Parents die and you inherit their stuff. You get rid of their stuff (not all of it). Adult children move back to town and temporarily store stuff at your house. They take their stuff and/or give you permission to get rid of it. I still don’t know what to do with all of the stuffed aminals in the Landfill Dungeon but we’ll get there. Binge and purge. Lather, rinse, repeat. But I like to travel light and one thing I do not need to carry is a camera, since my iPhone fits in my pocket and does just about whatever I need it to do. Often times, that is just a photo to document something – sandhill cranes were at Cubelandia today or even “here’s a piece of mail for you”.

I crack up every time somebody compliments me on my wonderful photography. Y’know, if you take 10,000 photooos, a few of them turn out pretty okay. In the digital age, you delete the rest. Theoretically anyway… But I am not gonna quit my day job in favor of iPhoneography any time soon. That said, I can see me taking up drone-ography as a hobby if I ever get around to executing the R word, aka retaaaaaaring. For now, my work is too sweet and I don’t have the time to learn how to fly a drone. Butchya nevah know, Novembah is right around the corner. Dun dun dun dun… My cube is (and has always been) largely empty and my grocery bag is ready to go 🐸

One Response to “On mah way outta Cubelandia this afternoon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Using an iPhone for photography? How shocking! LOL As you know I’m a recent convert to this but it means that I don’t have prints anymore which I sometimes miss.