Just running an experiment, nothing to see here

The first baby is always an experiment but my first baby got subjected to any number of things that the GG wanted to try out. My best VAGUE memory of one of those “experiments” is returning from a walk or whatever and seeing her happily rocking herself in her rocky seat on the floor* in the back room with some sort of photographic? and/or telescopic? devices focused on her. I cannot for the life of me remember what the heck he was doing.

Oh, no no no no no, it wasn’t anything abusive. I mean, he gave that baby *all* of her baths and most of her diaper changes for the first couple weeks of her life with me and/or The Commander in attendance (yes, he is a keeper). I had a very easy birth experience overall but had to take a break from my usual nuclear powered life while some exterior stuff that required some serious stitches healed (TMI and 🐽). Plus, he was infinitely more experienced with handling babies than I was, given that four siblings were born after him and many nieces and nephews, some of whom he helped care for. Anyway, every time he got her bath ready, he would make a Dr. Frankenstein face and say “And now I veeel perform zee cloning!” She had no clue what he was talking about but she loved all of the attention. We had so much fun back in those days.

After all these years, he has “run” any number of experiments on whatever and I can’t for the life of me remember them all at the moment. Maybe I have used up my memory at work today by all of the product functionality I looked up today. As the sole remaining business systems analyst, when did we do that and why? I found most of it but man did I have to do a lot of archaeological digs. It’s okay, I like doing those, especially when I can say “AHA! This is why we did it!”

So this week’s experiment involves palmetto bugs (cockroaches) and their life cycle. I’m not sure if we have figured out whether we are infested with these loverly buggies or not. We did see one but I hope that was an outlier. If we are, they have come up from Florida. We have never had palmetto bugs here before although I know they do infest homes in northern cities. I do know that when you NEVER clean your living space, I mean in 30 years or so, they are MUCH more likely to move in and not leave and down in Florida, the climate is a lot better for them than here in the Great Lake State.

I am not the best house cleaner on earth but I do keep the kitchen and bathroom clean and I dust and vacuum when it seems necessary. The GG sometimes gets into Suzie Homemaker mode and deep cleans and between the two of us, our house is pretty clean most of the time. I cannot imagine in any way shape or form living in the kind of squalor where nothing is ever cleaned, including food and dishes. Some people get along with that but we don’t and if we have palmetto bugs in our small but beauteous home on The Planet Ann Arbor, they have come from Florida. Of all things, I am actually missing that trip 🧡

P.S. I once put my mouse in that rocky seat on the table we used to have in the Landfill Chitchen and she was rocking away like crazy and… Then… She rocked a little too hard and she flipped the seat and fell on the floor. She was okay but JEEBUS that was awful.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Hoping for NO palmetto bugs; those things are hideous and big! I had those little ants, and after some efforts to rid myself of them called the exterminator. I can put up with them OK, but not in my kitchen. No way, no how.