@FloridaMan #MAGAbomber

Just sayin’.

But that said, @FloridaMan for the most part does not send bombz to people of any sort, polly-tishuns or not. He’s more likely to end up naked on the top of an opened up drawbridge or blowing his arm apart trying to make faaaarworks in his kitchen. In other words, he isn’t necessarily politically engaged.

I’m not sure what our own personal @FloridaMan thinks about polly-ticks. I do know that he did NOT like the guy the GG was listening to for a while on Patriot Radio as we were driving up from Florida. But I am also not sure he knew 1) who it was or 2) what the topic of conversation was. I was kinda letting the GG listen to whatever for the moment. He worked his butt off in Florida and although we don’t always agree on polly-ticks, we manage to work together to keep our life on track. So if he wants to listen to “Rush Limbo” for a while, I can handle it. Sometimes. But I was snorting with suppressed laughter at how ludicrous we might have seemed to an outside observer. Right wing/libertarian husband, Planet Ann Arbor librat wife, and oxygen-dependent @FloridaMan (brother/-in-law) in the back seat thinking about where his next smoke/beer was coming from and grumping about what was on the radio.

On a rather converse slant, Florida has a lot of crazy characters, hence the @FloridaMan twitter handle, but it does NOT have a monopoly on nutso. I mean, how about Alabama Man or… Michigan Man. I don’t know if there are twitter handles for either of those or not but they do exist. If anything, it might be easier to act on craziness (benign or otherwise) in Florida only because it is almost always warm there. I think our northern winters keep a lot of potential crazies inside. Or maybe some of them manage to get to Florida.

Anyway, I thought all the false flag talk was crayzee and when I heard they apprehended someone with a MAGA plastered truck in Florida, I wasn’t surprised.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I wasn’t a bit surprised either, but I was shocked by the synagogue shooting. 11 dead, makes me utterly depressed and defeated.