Geo Ka-Ching and Other Adventures in the Great White North

Okay, so you’re right, that’s not how you spell geocaching and there is no ka-ching about geocaching in any case. But I always feel like spelling it that way and, anyway, what do you do in January in northern Michigan when there’s no snow? This is what we/I did, more or less, omitting some of the more slugly activities:

  • Drove lazily in a figure-eight pattern around Houghton and Higgins Lakes, stopping at the Hub grocery store, Home Depot, the ski ranch, and several geocaches along the way. I would not let the GG stop at the geocache that was yards away from where a state cop had pulled over what must have been the only vee-hickle besides us on Old US27. I figgered if the cop was bored enough to stop that person, he was probably bored enough to wonder what we were doing rummaging around in the woods. I didn’t feel like trying to ‘splain geocaching to him. Another day for that cache.
  • Hiked at Beaver Creek and took GPS readings and corresponding pictures with the intent to eventually synch them together. Don’t hold your breath.
  • Took a nature hike at the ski ranch with Karen the forest ranger.
  • Transferred files from my old computer and my backup drive to my new computer.
  • Studied some experimental web sites and wrote a paper about them.
  • Blahgged.
  • I don’t know what else.
  • Oh yeah! Owl adventure! We were driving along, heading home for the afternoon when some sort of mouse-eater with big wings flew low across the road, right smack in front of our vee-hickle. If we had been going any faster, we might have hit it. When it lit on a tree branch right next to the road, we saw that it was an owl. See the pictures below. I wish they were better (click the thumbnails for larger and and some non-owl pics):

(click pics to enlarge and get more non-owl pics)

2 Responses to “Geo Ka-Ching and Other Adventures in the Great White North”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Very atmospheric pictures – especially the lake shots. Although I’m guessing you wished there was just a little less atmosphere, or that it was white and fluffy, not gray and misty. Your digital camera must be faster than ours – we wouldn’t have gotten the owl I’m sure.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I got a new cam for xmas. It does seem pretty fast. I’m still a rank amateur though. Getting even a bad pic of that owl was a total fluke. Sam is the one who has the right equipment *and* knows how to use it.

    Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t see the other side of the lake because of snow. So, it finally came to the north country but not in time for us to ski. Ice storms down here. Driving is okay now though.