blahgity blahgity blahgity blahgity whomp! Grok grok grok!

grinch.jpgOl’ Baggy doesn’t have anythin’ werth sayin’ t’day. She wuz gonna write sum horryble sappy ol’ thing abou’ ol’ MLK Day but that’s all just a big ol’ ikskuse t’ give those ol’ slackers at th’ EPA a day off. But that ain’ what’s really important abou’ Jany-wary 15th! It is th’ ol’ Grinch’s birthday! Grok grok grok grok GROK!!! My frien’ Green Guy’s ol’ man ‘n’ Rady-kul Batty’s kid ‘n’ Ol’ Baggy’s bestist cuzzin. Er, one o’ her bestist cuzzins enyway. She has a lotta bestist cuzzins. I’m not sher how ol’ he is. Ol’ Baggy sez he’s older ‘n her. But she’s just abou’ as ol’ as ol’ Methusy-lah so I can’t figger out how he could be older. Enyway, here ‘e is! Pontify-katin’ on some important topic er other with ‘is winder washer ‘n’ ‘is squeegee. Ya can’t see us but me ‘n’ Ol’ Baggy ‘n’ Rady-kul Batty ‘n’ Green Guy are all listenin’ with rapt attenshun. Squee-grok! Squee-grok! Happy birthday Grinch!!! Love you very dearly!



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