Two things

  • ¡Feliz cumpleaños a Grinch! Que te cumples muchos (as?) más.
  • This is incredibly nerdy, but there is a Beach Cousins facebook group. Any cousins of mine that I am friends with on there have been invited, but all beach cousins NOT in my friends on facebook should be encouraged to either look me up or join facebook and look me up. =)

With love from California.

(Moom, I don’t remember the tag to make it blue…)

6 Responses to “Two things”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    won’t <blue> do it? with </blue> to turn it off??

  2. Webmomster Says:

    BTW – “Burpy Hathday, Grinch!!!”

  3. Webmomster Says:

    PPS – j/k about the “blue” codes, above!!

  4. Isa Says:

    hahaha, funny funny, karen!

  5. Valdemort Says:

    Actually, I’ve seen some places that say you can use tags in lieu of the most common/standard hexadecimal color codes. I don’t know if they work here, though.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    The tag problem is related to the level of authorship. Liz is an “author” and getting into the html to the required degree requires an “administrator.” So I have to add a div with the class “isa” to the post. Which I did. It’s possible that if I can get around to learning more about php, I may be able to devise a way for people to add their own colors, etc.