No palmetto bugs here (?) but maybe a dementor

We haven’t done a whole bunch of decorating for Halloween this year. The black light is outside as are a couple of thingies from the cFam house in about the 1950s. And we did plug in the xmas lights. No Vandergriff suit stuffed with leaves, no orange lights (except for a few in the kitchen but they are always there). No flashing skeleton lights (they are all burned out).

It’s okay. This has been an unusual October featuring an LSD-type rocket trip to Crazy Old Florida and various trips to Grand Blanc and a trip to drop off the Lyme Lounge and do the leaves at the Group Home and help the Lord of Linden take his new Bote out of the water for the season. So. Halloween? We are doing the best we can.

And so, the GG was vegging out on a couch in the back room when I got home so I was a bit surprised when THIS SCARY BEING appeared in The Landfill Chitchen. Complete with K-niffies! Jeebus! Where did THAT come from?

I almost thought he had obtained it somewhere downtown today but it turned out this was one of the items we hauled up from a certain trailer home in Fla. When we arrived back on The Planet Ann Arbor, the GG pulled everything out of the U-Haul trailer and inspected it in the driveway. He did his best to fumigate anything that seemed to have “palmetto bugs” and washed clothing one to three times, depending. Most of the clothing went to Grand Blanc but the GG kept a few items, including this costume and a bunch of NSFW items of the underwear sort. I think the NSFW stuff will eventually and quietly make its way to GB. I am hoping the costume stays here. Some of the trick-or-treaters have exuberantly identified him as a dementor (think Harry Potter). I’m not really sure that’s what the costume is but who knows what our Florida Man has been getting up to all these years.

One Response to “No palmetto bugs here (?) but maybe a dementor”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, I love that costume! I’m just wearing my Star Trek shirt and some black leggings. 🙂 I wish I had pointy ears to put on so I could be Spock. (my hero)