Work hangover on a muckity muck day

I met up with MMCB1 for coffee yesterday (MMCB2 is on bubbe duty until further notice) and after a recitation of all the latest Ain’t-It-Awfuls, we were getting up to leave and she was going through her schedule for the next couple weeks. Taiwan next week and the week after. “And then it’s Thanksgiving.” I think I SCREAMED when she said that! Even though I KNEW all too well that turkey day was coming up.

This weekend, if all goes well, I will cook up some Make-ahead Gravy and freeze it in two parts, one for Thanksgiving and one for xmas. And we’ll go from there. At least Thanksgiving does not require the stress of gift-giving. Because I just dunno what to give independent, successful 30-somethings with their own independent lives and collections. [That was not a hint, just an observation.] Somehow The Commander managed to send me and my family gift packages for gift-type holidays until, well, I’m not sure when she couldn’t really manage that any more but it was probably after my brother died and dad got depressed and [more] frail and fell and [eventually, after stuff I don’t wanna remember] died nine months later. I was 51-52 when that stuff happened. The Comm’s packages were always full of thoughtful gifts but I certainly understood when she stopped doing it and it was also right around the time I started flinging.

This is November 1. It was raining lightly when I took my 0-skunk-30 walk. It was raining pretty hard when I drove to work. It rained pretty hard all day and it was still raining pretty hard when I drove home. And it is still raining pretty hard a couple hours later. I am still in pluviophile mode but it’s supposed to rain catz and dogz tomorrow too and then? I haven’t looked any further than tomorrow. I guess I should be glad it’s not snowing because it certainly could be at this time of year but it is a whopping 42 degrees, so no snow, thank you Zeus or whoever.

You do not really want to know about the work hangover. It was just that FZ and I were “yelling” over the wall about some “pictures” (flow diagrams, more or less) that I had sent him. “Am I in the weeds or not?” No. But. Maybe. And then we both kinda went, “hmmm…”. I was about to ask another question but I stopped myself halfway through… Nope, I won’t ask this today. I’m gonna go home and I’ll let it percolate overnight. He agreed and I am soooo glad that one of my main work buddies is such a mensch, as my Jewish friends say. He respects my intelligence even though I am a *woman*. I know that doesn’t happen in every employment situation and I wish I knew how to change it… … …

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Although I tell myself I won’t, I sort of go into hibernation mode this time of the year. It’s starting to get dark and rainy, although it hasn’t been awful so far. It makes me more lethargic, where I simply want to sit in the house and read. (hello, 10 extra pounds?) I usually enjoy Thanksgiving but Ashley and Ryan are staying in Poughkeepsie and Alison (and Kramer) will be in London. Then comes December which is a terrifically hard month for me. I have trouble with gift giving too and there are many anniversaries during that month. I’ll just do my best with it all! What other choice do I have? 🙂