Country roads, take me home

It was a small kniffie and I was not the recipient but man oh man, I think I am more tired than the recipient if that is possible. A very temporary disability resulted from the kniffie but it didn’t prevent the recipient from walking over to Home Goods in Maple Village today just so you know how minor this was.

Yer fav-o-rite blahgger? Exhausted! I crashed and burned last night and when I woke up I was totally confused by the time until I finally surfaced enough to grab my iPhone, which I knew would tell me the correct time. No, KW, it is *tomorrow* that the time changes to Eastern Standard.

I did NOT get down to the farmers market until 8 AM today. Actually it was four minutes *before* 8. I sat in the ninja and played with my phone for those four minutes because the parking meter started up at 8 and the parking app would not let me pre-pay, a first-world problem if ever there was one. But I did make it down there and got my $20 worth of fresh, shelled lima beans and some “emergency” swordfish scallopini among other things. Wonder how much longer that farmer will have those lima beans…

Anyway, the reason for the walk over to Home Goods was a sudden obsession with buying new sheets. For the monster bedroom, that is. Did I want to go over to Bed Bath and Beyond to look at sheets? What? Drive all the way over to Arborland on my day off? A football Saturday? To look at sheets? Are you serious? No way, José! Why can’t we just order them on the internet? Because someone wants to feel them before buying them. I get that but I still didn’t want to drive all the way over there. I finally talked him down off that ledge and we took a beautiful, slow drive out in the county instead. And for those who need to know, Home Goods did not have a large sheet selection. I knew that they wouldn’t but nobody listens to me. As much as I *hate* to shop, I am dern good at it and I know these things.

I really wanted to hang out at the Landfill tonight but what do you schedule the day after some kniffie work, even minor kniffie work? Well, you schedule dinner theatre in a neighboring town. Of course. I think the beach urchins thought we were nuts. We enjoyed the food, the play, and our companions were wonderful old and new friends and now we are home and I am trying to get past the Second Wind I get if I stay up “late”.

Enough gibberish. Typos be damned and g’night!

One Response to “Country roads, take me home”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sheets do have remarkably different feels to them. I need to put my flannel ones on the bed soon. I love lima beans!! What do you do with them?