Call the EPA!!!

exhaustThe smoke had started to dissipate by the time I got to the intersection. And yes, I am stopped. The light is red and it has just turned red and, trust me, I know that intersection’s cycle all too well and I had plenty of time to get my purse out of my laptop bag and get my phone out of my purse and turn it on and open the camera and take the picture and put the phone back and put the purse back and it still seemed like an eternity until the blasted light changed.

But what the heck? As I approached the intersection, there was so much smoke, I thought that the gas station over there on the left was on fire. Or there was a vee-hickle fire or something. As it turned out, by the time I got there, the source of the smoke had gone on ahead. It was way too far ahead to see what kind of vee-hickle it was and even if I could’ve caught up to it I doubt if I’d’ve been able to see it through the smoke. How the heck do you drive a vee-hickle that’s putting out that much smoke? I do not know. Where were the cops? Can they stop somebody like that? I’m not even thinking about the pollution so much as that it seemed like a road hazard.

Oh well. The smoke was still way ahead of me when I turned off into where my cube is, so I never figgered out who/what it was. And I’m sorry. That was about as exciting as the day got. Except possibly for when my new power cord came or when I left my coffee cup in a meeting. Yes. Coding and writing. And writing. And Coding. And yes, I think Geitner *should* fire those creeps at AIG. “High-rolling hooligans” indeed. NPR nipping into my consciousness for a fleeting moment. Blup blup blup blup blup blup blup.

6 Responses to “Call the EPA!!!”

  1. Marquis Says:

    He could fire them, but since we just paid out hundreds of millions in RETENTION bonuses, what would be the point?

  2. Marquis Says:

    I missed my traffic photo op today, I was stuck in traffic when an F/A-18E flew right over me on final. It was no more then a hundred yards above me, as I stuck my head out the open window and watched it fly over.

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    Oh, Marquis, I am SO envious! With the Oscoda base long-closed and the other “nearby” base south of here around Detroit, I don’t get to see anything but commercial and private aircraft. No cool military craft. Only the occasional helicopter (probably LifeFlight choppers) to break up the monotony of Bishop Airport traffic.

  4. Margaret Says:

    And I get worried about my car passing emissions? Sheesh–that is a TON of smoke. Your day was as exciting as mine. Ho hum.

  5. jane Says:

    my cube is outside of an office that overlooks the flight path into AA Airport. and twice there has been an old MIG that does some sort of touch-and-go routine. over and over, around and around. pretty cool. and very distinctive sound as it’s coming into our air space. gotta love the jets!

    and AIG — what the heck is that bonus based on??? certainly not performance. sounds more like ‘breathing pay’.

  6. Dog Mom Says:

    yeah, and that AIG bonus is being “explained” as a RETENTION bonus…. and whaddaya know, but 11 of the execs LEFT THE FRIGGIN’ COMPANY AS SOON AS THEY GOT THEIR RETENTION BONUS!

    Yeah, RIGHT. I’ll take a retention bonus if it means I can leave, too! *sigh* At least – even though laid off – I’m still part of our little branch’s MegaMillions Lotto Club. There is at least a glimmer of a dream out there…