Happy Frog Day!!! from yer fav-o-rite froog!! grok grok!!


3 Responses to “Happy Frog Day!!! from yer fav-o-rite froog!! grok grok!!”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Tipping the green Listerine again before frogging, er blogging today??

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Happy Frog Day to you, too! You be careful of that quilt that your’e sitting on, Froggy. I can see that Anne has been hard at work. Looking good!

  3. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Rock on Froggy! I hope the “day after” was kind to you. I’m sure that da Grinch would admire those beads with lips!
    You might consider hiding in one of “ol Baggy’s” bags if you want to sneak somewhere with her un-noticed. . . but then you wouldn’t have had so much fun with the froogggg juice and songs.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t wear green either at the horsepistol, but I was lucky and no-one pinched me. Pheew! Maybe they didn’t want to see my jump with needles and such in my hands.
    Sing on Froggy.