Garbage day in the ‘hood

Aaaand… Guess what else? Just a month ago or so, we were on our LSD trip to Fla and it was hot hot hot all the way down and back and I was actually enjoying the heat. I was hoping for an Indian Summer when we got back here but I don’t think we’re gonna get one.

I was not all that happy about doing a Snow Drive to work on November 9th but it was actually okay. The ground has not frozen yet so the roads were mainly wet and not slippery even for my Ninja’s performance taaarrrs. And *everyone* seemed to be driving sedately this morning. I did not have one frickin’ tailgater.

Yes, this looks like a lot of garbage. Butchy’all have to remember that this is The Planet Ann Arbor and at this time of year we are not only putting out our garbage and recycle carts, we are also putting out our compost carts, which are full of leaves. So. In front of the Landfill, there are TWO compost carts, both full of leaves and other yard waste and even a few kitchen scraps. And there is the recycle cart. And out of the frame on the right is the garbage cart. Interestingly enough, there is hardly anything in the garbage cart, two almost empty bags of garbage that I put out there because they were stinky enough that I didn’t want them in the chitchen.

Of all things, I posted this pic on facebook and someone actually *challenged* me about the amount of garbage I was putting out. Jeebus!

One Response to “Garbage day in the ‘hood”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, you have to justify your garbage now on FB? LOL People can be a pain sometimes. This week was yard waste and the usual garbage. I mowed and got rid of some dead plants. It was good to force myself to do so!