I am quite puzzled by one of “our” president’s recent ham-handed tweets about the devastating California fires. Has he somehow suddenly acquired forestry knowledge? Has he ever actually set foot in an actual FOREST? What the bloody hell?

I have lived in a forest every single damn summer of my life. We have never had a fire there but I can remember times when we were worried about fires. There was a period of time when I was about 10 and things were very dry and we were nervous. Eventually, huge rain storms came through and we were okay. There have been forest fires in the yooperland since then and we are always on guard. If we smell smoke, we are checking it out PDQ.

My dad began his college career intending to major in forestry. There was an interesting blip in his freshman career at the University of Michigan, so he switched colleges and majors (and met my moom) and then World War II interrupted things a bit more and he became a pilot and flight instructor. He was eventually scheduled to fly to the south pacific but then we dropped the bomb and he did not have to go. Some of us think that the reason he wasn’t sent to the south pacific earlier was because he was greatly valued as a flight instructor and not someone the Army Air Corps wanted to lose. I knew my dad as a humble man who never talked about that kind of stuff but if it’s true, I am glad because he survived service in WWII and that is how I am alive and we have the beautiful forest property in the pic.

2 Responses to “Forestry”

  1. Margaret Says:

    *He* knows nothing about most things, yet still spouts his garbage. It’s frustrating and depressing. Many people, like your dad (and mine), were very knowledgeable but also humble.

  2. l4827 Says:

    It is important to keep the forests of the U.P. healthy, well as the water…
    Remembering the Fitz –