Wintry mix time again, ho hum

Not our first snow for the year but today was the first time I had to make a serious driving decision. Like, I think I will take the Frog Hopper today because this weather situation could go any and every direction maybe within a given hour. It wasn’t just that the weather apps were screaming alerts at me, it was also that it just plain felt like a bad moon a-risin’ out there when I took my 0-skunk-30 walk. Windy and kinda fugly and creepy in general. In the end, the crapola that Zeus was hurling down at us was white but it melted when it hit the pavement. So the driving was fine albeit slow as all getout and I couldda droven the Ninja.

This isn’t early for snow here but I think I am still PTSD-ing from the 2014 Polar Vortex Winter and its little return the next November. 2014 was the winter that Canada came down here, got drunk, and fell asleep, or so said some comic at some point. We had a glacier in our backyard into mid-April, a cold summer followed, and then the dern snow started up again in November. For a couple weeks! I don’t really remember much about winter 2015 but I know it wasn’t as bad as the Polar Vortex Winter or mini-Vortex that November.

And then there is the San Francisco fashion of the day, which consists of a pretty dern serious looking mask. A beach urchin is out there for the weekend and has sent a pic in which she models one. The family forensic anthropologist asked a good question about the quality of said mask. I wouldn’t have known to ask but yes, it is the real thing.

I am not a scientist and I am not well-versed in climate change in general. My very humble opinion is that November Snow in the Great Lake State is a normal phenomenon (although there may well be other things going on around here that are not normal). From what I have read about the California fires, things have changed a lot over the last 20 years. Delete long incoherent rant about the ignorant, illiterate [my opinion] Orange Baboon and the (mostly) literate sycophants who are enabling him in an effort to bolster their own political careers. C’mon guys. And it is mostly men… … …

One Response to “Wintry mix time again, ho hum”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think we’re getting smoke up here; it’s probably not my imagination that the air smells. Argghh.. The OB knows nothing, but spouts off anyway. Most of what’s burning is federal or private, not state owned at all. He’s an idiot.