So the GG was going in and out the door like nobody’s business early this morning and I finally asked him if he would please faaaaar up the Ninja to egregiously idle it so I wouldn’t have to scrape the frickin’ ice off the windows. Oh yes! He obliged. The problem was that he did not turn on the defrost settings!!! !!! !!! Say what? It was okay, I politely (I hope) pointed out his error and he scraped the back window, which was the biggest problem, and I trundled comfortably off to Cubelandia.

I dunno. After our daily Standup Meeting, I sorta felt a bit of wanderlust like maybe I wanted to telecommute for the afternoon. I have very little time to spend home alone in the Landfill and I kinda wanted a little change of scenery. Amazon Woman was fine with that so I trundled back home, stopping at my fave grokkery along the way, buying the beginnings of our Thanksgiving mini-feast and squeaking quietly at a known employee.

Back in the day, when teenagers and young 20-somethings were afoot, we left our door unlocked most of the time, even throughout the night. Our children’s friends were welcome to come in without knocking at any time. They learned to squeegrok in a certain way when they entered our home. I don’t really know how that got started but it worked out well and I soooo miss those days, even though I don’t think those days are actually over yet. At least I hope not.

So, I got myself porterized over at Knight’s tonight. Our reservation was a very early one but that worked out and I didn’t even have to hang out with the carpet sweepers, like I kinda did the last time. I actually observed an employee use one of these things tonight. The place was pretty busy when I got there. It was SLAMMED by the time I left.

G’night! KW

2 Responses to “SqueeGrok”

  1. l4827 Says:

    We all had a wonderful time. All were pollie-tickled…satisfactorily! Hopefully more to come…

  2. Margaret Says:

    I actually have one of those carpet sweepers. My uncle used to work at SeaTac airport. It’s starting to get colder here at night, but the Subaru lives in the garage. However, when it’s outside other places, I need to use a scraper, if I can find one around. 🙂