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I did not ask for permission to post this photo, which was texted to me a couple days ago from San Francisco, so I hope it is okay that I posted it. They are not wearing these things inside but they are certainly wearing them outside. I thought I heard (a few days ago) that the Great Lake State was actually getting smoke from the faaaars. I’m not sure about that. About the only smoke I have smelled around here is when I drive by Zingerman’s Roadhouse on my way to work and they are faaaaring up the barbecue pig-roasting thingy. Scuttlebutt has it that the Orange Baboon is (or has?) traveled out to the left coast to offer his condolences. I wonder if those who have lost their homes and/or family members will welcome him?

Besides that, I had a slodgy kind of day with chores and Turkey Day shopping and not much to write about but… They were talking about Aaron Copland’s classical composition “Fanfare for the Common Man” just now on National Petroleum Radio so I will write about that instead. What grabbed me about the NPR story was that they were interviewing American people of various ethnic backgrounds (including but not limited to older Caucasian males in case you mighta been wonderin’).

I love Aaron Copland’s fanfare composition too and I also have a personal story to tell about Aaron Copland. I was a rising high school senior playing the first seat flute position at the Interlochen All-state summer camp. [Delete the long story about how hard it was (for a yooper flute player) to get a spot at the Interlochen All-state camp let alone get first seat.]

So, Aaron Copland was a guest conductor at our camp that summer and we didn’t play “Fanfare for the Common Man” (that I remember) but whatever he was conducting, at one rehearsal, his fly was wide open. Of course, we were all stoopid high school students then, so we were laughing our you-know-whats off. But y’know, Common Man? Yes.

In case you aren’t familiar with Fanfare for the Common Man, here is Copland’s classical version and here is Emerson Lake and Palmers version. I love both of them. (Not sure those links are working so you may have to google.)

2 Responses to “Trending in California”

  1. Margaret Says:

    ELP-wow, that brings back memories! We are probably getting some smoke here also. I can’t imagine how bad the air must be down in that area. 🙁

  2. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    I ALWAYS think of the ELP version! I even saw them in concert in Seattle and they played it. It. Was. Awesome. (It also would have been fun to play in band. Clarinet/bari sax, here! I was always 2nd chair to my best friend, Helen, and I never once challenged her because she definitely deserved 1st chair and between the two of us, we were pretty much a power house, lol!)

    We did get some smoke from the fires up here the other morning (it was yellowish hazy out thar), but thankfully a breeze came in and blew it elsewhere (not sure where? Hopefully out into the Pacific).