But I do like cranberry sauce and gravy on turkey sandwiches

I had some words earlier but now I am a blank. Not that they were very interesting words.

One of the perks of working a few blocks from your parents’ house is that you can text yer moom the day after Thanksgiving and have her pack you up a container of leftovers, top it all off with gravy, heat it up, and deliver it to you. Well, at least you can do that the day after Thanksgiving because yer moom is *home* albeit not actually *off* work since she decided to dial in and knock off bits and pieces of various prodjects.

One of the perks of having adult children who actually *like* to spend time with you (at least on holidays) is getting fancy turkey sandwiches for lunch. I was slodging around on my work laptop and somebody asked what the parents doing for lunch. I had a refrigerator full of food and absolutely no clue. Well, we could go to Sessions or somewhere, I yawned. The reply was something like, how about if I get some fancy mustard and make some turkey sandwiches? Hmmm… Yeah, we have bread here and turkey and the whole works. That sounded really good and it worked! And they even had cranberry sauce on them. But not gravy, although that was simply an oversight.

Some people took naps this afternoon and then some of us schlepped down to the Oscar Tango for the Friday night thing. I’m not sure why it was as quiet as it was given that the Umich/OSU game is tomorrow. It is in Columbus but the Planet Ann Arbor is usually slammed anyway. I figure now that the geezers are long home, the jungle noises have started up. B-r-r-r-rrrruppp-p-p! Kkk-k-k-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka!

So I thought I was outta words but somehow a few words sputtered out anyway. Now I am truly utterly absolutely outta words. G’night. -KW! Hope I remember to roll the garbage carts down to the curb tomorrow.

One Response to “But I do like cranberry sauce and gravy on turkey sandwiches”

  1. Margaret Says:

    One of the disadvantages of not hosting Thanksgiving is no turkey leftovers. Love sandwiches with mustard(and horseradish). I stayed in today, avoiding any shopping crowds. 🙂