A couple of fossils’ “antiques”

Continuing an evening of porterization with nightcaps at the Landfill, the GG insisted that we sit in the Holiday Room. (That means the dining “area” – we don’t have a dining *room* – where we actually eat at a table a few times a year.) I was grumpy about that but he insisted that he had a plan.

Well, one half of the plan turned out to be double-oaked Woodford Reserve bourbon in the teensiest tinesiest wee little liqueur glasses we own. Actually it was a taste test of sorts between some “regular” Woodford Reserve and double-oaked. The other half of the plan was the teensiest tinesiest wee little liqueur glasses on earth.

I don’t remember exactly when we bought those glasses (there are four of them) but it was in Gaylord and I don’t think we had discussed marriage yet. We were in an antique store. I think it was the only antique store in the bustling crossroads of Gaylord back then. Now that Gaylord is even more bustling, there are tons of antique stores (and a Meijer, a Walmart, an Ulta and all kinds of other stuff).

Anyway, we bought these wee little glasses in Gaylord and I figured they would all be broken within five years but here we are, more years later than I am strong enough to count, and all four of them are intact and we didn’t break any of them last night! I hope I haven’t jinxed that by writing this. I highly doubt that these little glasses have any monetary value but they are pretty and we like them.

While I’m reminiscing about glassware, I used to use cobalt-rimmed Mexican glassware in various sizes. Once I was in Kitchen Port (a wondrous but long-defunct shop in Kerrytown) with the GG and his identical twin, the UU. The GG and I had not discussed marriage yet. The UU was buying some of those glasses and I asked something like who the heck are you buying them for. He replied that they were for his sister-in-law. I was totally puzzled about which sister-in-law he was talking about. It didn’t seem like the right style for any of his sisters-in-law… Imagine my surprise when *I* opened that gift at the cFam xmas party!

I used (and loved) my cobalt-rimmed Mexican glassware for many years and a bunch of them broke along the way, as glassware does. I personally (and accidentally) broke a number of my Aunt Katie’s waterfowl glasses at the cabin. She never got angry and (thinking back), I bet they were easy and cheap to obtain because there always seemed to be more of them around for me to break! Anyway, after we renovated the Landfill Chitchen, I decided to buy some different glassware but I have kept what’s left of the cobalt-rimmed stuff and every time the beach urchins come over, I find myself putting one or two of them in the dishwasher🧡 (Note that this glassware is available in quantity at every Pier One Imports store everywhere, so it is not valuable.)

2 Responses to “A couple of fossils’ “antiques””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have so much glassware that I never use–and should. It adds a lot to the look of a drink, even if it’s Cascade Ice. 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    We think that the double-oaked Woodford Reserved Bourbon is the better choice of th taste-testing. We also think that the teeny, tiny, eensey, weensey glasses were pretty and sweet in memories … but we think that the Woodford Reserve Bourbon would taste much better in larger, wider, taller, deeper glasses!!!