Yeellllow cup! Yellow cup! Yellow cup! (small cup, small cup)

What we’re not talking about today: Yellow, purple (despite the pic), football (not really), or cups.

What we are talking about? Maize and blue, scarlet and gray, aaaaaaannnnddd… a surprise color.

So, I have a long-time friend whose husband is a long-time surgeon at the U of M here on the Planet Ann Arbor. They are Umich football fans but I don’t think they dress up in maize and blue when they attend games. Or maybe they do. Long ago, when yer fav-o-rite blahgger was still flailing around figgering out what to do with her life, my friend’s husband was in the later stages of his education at… Ohio State!

They were once invited to an informal football-related social affair at the department head’s house. My friend’s husband had attended several big 10 universities during his academic journey and he showed up in a couple of items of apparel from *two* of those unis, neither of which was OSU. Ahem. The department head gave him absolute hell about his attire. Do not do that again! OSU attire all the way.

It isn’t quiiiiite that crazy here on The Planet (I don’t think) but I listened agog to this story and finally said, “Well, I would never have that problem because I always wear black.”

Here? Today? Actually a wee bit of successful xmas shopping at a couple places on The Planet Ann Arbor and then I said, “Let’s take a wee River Ride” and so we did and then we ended up in Dexter for a bit more successful shopping at the Ace Hardware there and, oh yeah, chili, etc. at Dexter’s Pub. BIG PLUS, I managed to put together a KW xmas list. I don’t NEED anything but I found some things that probably won’t end up at the Kiwanis Thrift Shop, even though I don’t really need them.

One Response to “Yeellllow cup! Yellow cup! Yellow cup! (small cup, small cup)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We take our university garb seriously around here as well. 🙂 I don’t think Ashley has ever owned a UW, Columbia or UCLA tee-shirt or sweatshirt. I’m the one who represents!!