Good night, Monkeyhead. Good night, Igloo Face.

Every time I pass this construction site on my way to work, I think “igloos”. Orange ones! Of course these are nothing like igloos, which are an arctic feat of engineering, warm, well ventilated dwellings made of snow! But they have a similar shape. Don’t worry, I was stopped at the loooooongest light on my way to work and it was at the beginning of the cycle so there was absolutely no danger here.

I don’t like what they are building here. Some previously wooded acreage is being replaced by something like, “retail and fancy apartments”. Or was it condos? I am sorry. This is across the street from a big Tarjay plaza and kittycorner from the Saline Road Meijer complex. I don’t understand why we are building all of this retail crapola in an area that already has a whole bunch of similar stuff when people are increasingly buying online. At least I am. Except for the farmers market, that is. I’m not sure about the apartments either but these are all complicated issues that I don’t have the chops to analyze tonight…

…because FZ and I were down a rabbit hole all the live-long day. I won’t go into detail (you don’t wanna know) but at one point I “yelled” over the wall that I wanted to update the ticket we were working on with “Speak slowly, I’m blonde”. I could tell that knocked him back a bit. FZ didn’t know me as a blonde and I don’t act like the proverbial dumb blonde at work (unless I feel like I need to – I do know how and it can be a useful tool 🐽). I was stifling laughter because my hair is white/gray these days and FZ is soooo nice that he was worried about how to approach this in a PC way. I told him I was a blonde as a kid and after a bit more rabbithole stuff, he was OWNING the “Speak slowly, I’m blonde” thing FOR HIMSELF! I don’t know what his hair color was when he was young. I’ll have to ask! But maybe “Speak slowly, I’m blonde” will enter our work lexicon. Like “organically grown” and “step back from the ledge” and “word salad”, etc. have.

Poor FZ. In the midst of all the rabbithole stuff, FZ had to get his vee-hickle towed because it stalled out about a gazillion times on his way to work today and wouldn’t really start up at all when he tried it out at lunch. His vee-hickle is one ‘o them thar wonderful Japanese thingies (like I own) but it is also old enough to drink alcohol.

One Response to “Good night, Monkeyhead. Good night, Igloo Face.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Old enough to drink alcohol–LOL! I was definitely blonde as a child, but then spent most of my life as a brunette. (and now a dyed one!) Don’t get me started on getting rid of woods (or farmland here) to build things. I have a few strong opinions on that.