Sincerely, Mrs. Grinch

Or maybe that should be Cousin Grinch, since the Grinch and I are cousins, not a couple 🐽

Every holiday season I seem to have a day that I get to the end of my rope and kind of freak out. I don’t think today was That Day. I actually don’t think I’m going to have That Day this year. But today came close. After another loooooong brain-twisting day at work, me and FZ seem to have figured out What Is Wrong and we are closing in (I think) on What Needs To Change. I made some beauteous pictures today. One of the fave parts of my job.

And then every single blasted intersection all the way home was totally clogged and backed up so it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r. At least it isn’t cold enough for the S-word today. When I was a kid I was all into the White Xmas thing. And it almost always WAS White Xmas up in the Yooperland. But. We didn’t have to *drive* anywhere. After we opened our own presents at our own shabby little Superior St. bungalow, we drove I dunno, 8-10 blocks over to the grandparents’ house on John St. to join our in-town cousins and any others that were around for brunch. I have foggier memories about xmas dinner. I don’t think it was always the same. I know that we often had it up at Don and Katie’s house on “the hill” (that was a longer drive but still probably under a mile). My main memory about that was the time I felt sick and was diagnosed with the mumps. It was my Uncle Don who diagnosed me… At his house and quite gleefully if I remember accurately! I also still kind of remember my aunt Katie (aka The White Tornado) presiding over the cooking activities in her big kitchen.

I don’t think my nuclear family often (or ever) hosted xmas dinner for the clan at our house because I don’t think it was big enough to host that many people. It was certainly a lot fewer people than the cFam and my hat is off to those who are brave enough to host that HUGE crew for a xmas party. Chinese take-outs? Yes yes yes! The point is to get together, not to show off holiday cooking skills! But that party is on the 23rd. Our little cFam unit will cook a duck on the gas grill on xmas at our own little house.

Anyway, in those old childhood yooperland days, no one had to drive 45 miles on a snow or ice-covered freeway to get to the party or Home. So nowadays, while I welcome some beautiful white stuff for the holidays, it also makes me worry about people who are driving a distance to be with their family.

One Response to “Sincerely, Mrs. Grinch”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We won’t have a white Christmas this year (rarely do), although we did last year and it was magical. However, I live about 3 minutes away from my parents, and although it’s hilly, Alison and I both have Subarus, which handled the conditions very nicely. As you noted, it’s not always easy for others to get where they need to be. I’ll always treasure the memories of our snowball fight in my parents’ driveway as we were leaving. 🙂