Solstice gobble gobble

It is the shortest day of the year. I do not get SAD. I get out and *walk* in the dark. So I actually kind of enjoy the darkness when I am driving to and from work.

We porterized ourselves at the Oscar Tango tonight and then we spent some time viewing a tree of porterization. And playing an informal game. What is your favorite whatever? You get asked the question and the other people get to guess the answer.

I am not much of a game person but this was low-key enough to be fun. I do have trouble figuring out what my favorites are in most categories. There are two that I remember at this point.

My favorite color? I like most colors (except beige, which is NOT a color). I guess black is my fave for clothing although I accent it with jewel tones. For my house? Blue blue blue. Teal blue (not cobalt!) subway tiles in the chitchen. Red, orange, and yellow were the guesses for my fave colors. Nope. Although I LOVE those colors too.

My favorite language? Various romance languages were guessed. My answer? Fortran. Of course. My second programming language (after Basic on our old Apple II+).

We had some fun with other people’s questions and answers but I won’t document that here. It was getting late (for us) and the GG was starting to exhibit cold virus symptoms so we bagged out. I dunno if he is getting a cold virus or what. I had a loverly one a few weeks back and I figgured he would’ve had that virus by now. But who knows what the incubation period is and what an individual’s immunity is, etc., ad infinitum. I easily survived my cold virus and I have to guess the GG will too.

One Response to “Solstice gobble gobble”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope the hubs doesn’t end up with a cold–man colds are way worse than our lady ones. 😉 My favorite color is blue, and my favorite language is French. (besides English of course)