In which…

…I who need absolutely nothing on earth in terms of material goods seemed to end up opening the most packages today on this Great American Holiday of Excess.

I didn’t ask for all of this stuff, at least not exactly. The Pensioner started hounding me and other family members for xmas lists a couple of months ago. He was driving us crazy. Me? I had nothing. At one point I told him I had bought a pair of tights online. Did he really want to buy me stuff like that? I mean, a pair of tights? The answer was YES. Okay, so I thought about what I might need or want in terms of clothing and I sent him a bunch of links and basically all he had to do was clickety-clickety-click. I am NOT a Clothes Horse at this time in my life but if I see something that I know will work for me, I snap it up PDQ!

So most of the stuff I opened today was stuff I would have bought for myself anyway. Biz-caz skirt and scarf, Smartwool hiking skirt, SOCKS, fancy Smartwool “leggings” — “base layer”? long underwear? whatever, they will work well as a layer between tights and my long wool skirt. But he also came up with a few other items and the Beach Urchins came up with a whole bunch of creative moom-type gifts, fancy dripless candles for our holiday table and aubergine glass vases and I fergit what else (well, I did ask for/know about the vases but I had totally forgotten them). In one case, I totally cracked up when I opened some bees wrap from Mouse because I had bought bees wrap for the Beach Urchins too. We are all wondering how this bees wrap stuff will work out. We’ll see.

We had a very slow day around here today. We hung around doing gradients and jigsaw puzzles for a looooong time this morning and eventually I made Eggs Benny and after that we opened (about a gazillion) gifts. I felt like we were putting the gift-opening off because it was almost embarrassing to have so much. Nevertheless, we are blessed and especially blessed to have adult children who actually like to spend holidays with us.

Love y’all and hope your day (holiday or not) was happy and peaceful. If you worked today, thank you!

One Response to “In which…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lovely to have the adult children around for the holidays. Our Xmas wasn’t perfect and had some tense moments, but was generally good.