Are you guys drinking already?

Nobody can exactly remember when it was but the beach urchins were over on some random Sunday afternoon or whatever and we were eating samosas from the Plum Market. The GG asked (from the back room) what we were doing and when we replied that we were eating samosas, he asked us if we were drinking already. Well, there are *mim*osas and *sam*osas and *mim*osas are fun but we were *eating* *sam*osas, not *drinking* *mim*osas.

Sometimes we do make *mim*osas on holiday mornings but we never quite got around to that on xmas day even though we had the ingredients. But we had this bottle of cFam whine. Mouse obtained it many moons ago from the whine specialists where she works and she keeps fergitting to bring it over here. It really needs to be shared by folks in the cFam, although the GG doesn’t really do red whine because it gives him headaches. But this time Mouse remembered to bring the cFam whine over and it was really pretty good! The GG had a couple little tastes but was v. v. careful because red and headaches.

This isn’t the first time we have had cFam whine. Many years ago we bought some whine in Courtois, Missouri. It was fine but this French whine was probably better.

BTW, Courtois can be pronounced a few different ways. In France it is probably something like “CooTwa” (but Mouse or Margaret can correct me). In Missouri, it is pronounced something like “Curtaway”. In the cFam I know and love, it is [usually] pronounced “Curtis”. The GG’s grandmother of myrtle-ization married a Courtois and Anglicized it into the Curtis pronunciation. Thankfully, she did not change how to spell the name. Despite that French grandfather, the GG (I think) identifies more with his Irish and German roots. I’m not so sure but I was lucky enough to marry into a wonderful family whatever their roots are.

One Response to “Are you guys drinking already?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    CoorTwa, don’t think the r would be silent. I never envisioned it pronounced “Curtis” so this is fascinating to me. One of my relatives changed his name from Lievore to Lievero; technically the rest of my mom’s family should still be Lievore, but they go by Lievero. (probably not legal, so don’t tell the Feds!) Puyallup is a tough one to pronounce for those of us who don’t live here. Pew ALL up.