You’re welcome!

Yes, you are right! I did not post anything yesterday. It was one of THOSE days. I mean, it was a fun day filled with an eclectic collection of people. I didn’t want to neglect anyone and my brain couldn’t sort out all of the goings on. What can I blahg about? What should I not blahg about? We all ended up at H.O.M.E.S. for dinner where we met up with the GooseFam and then a friend of our fam turned out to have a connection to someone in the GooseFam and, well it was all fun, at least I thought it was.

Do NOT open me! Do NOT open me? What? This item has been hanging around since about xmas day. No one opened it! I mean, I am not going to open an Altoids box with a post-it note saying, “Do NOT open me”. Would you? Pengie was brave enough to open it. Guess what was inside? It was an artifact that makes a MOOOOOOO noise when you open the box. I have encountered this artifact before. I think it was originally designed for installing into a cookie jar. Which is cracking me up because I am remembering when my dad taught the beach urchins how to open the moomincabin cookie jar without making any noise. The payment for teaching them that trick was that every time they got a cookie, they had to take one to him too. (I don’t actually remember this. The beach urchins told me about it many moons later.)

Anyway, Pengie has been a member of the FinFam for more years than I am strong enough to count. He occupies a position of honor similar to the one occupied by Speedy Water Janet Pop Mousey Mushroom Ears. When I got up this morning, Pengie and his owners were already gone, rolling along down the I75 Snowbird Geezerway to his home in crazy old Florida. I got up a little later than I wanted to but not too late to roll the garbage and recycle carts down to the curb by 7:00. I had FORGOTTEN to roll them down last night! As I rolled the recycle down there, the recycle *truck* was coming up the street. I guess I wasn’t on much of a roll yesterday (har har).

As for the rest of today, about the most exciting thing we did was take a ride in the country where we sat on a deserted dirt road watching a bunch of shaggy cattle cavort, including a big old white bull that charged somebody else while we were watching. Yes, you are right, it doesn’t take much.

And now, I have been ordered to get dressed up in Holiday Attire so we can hoof it over for porterization at Knights.

One Response to “You’re welcome!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Something that I love about the holidays is the eclectic mix of people and activities, but I’m always a bit relieved when it’s over.