Boredom and collusion

Note to self: Maybe next year you should leave yourself with fewer paid days off that need to be taken before the new year rolls around. I ended up with three this year. I took one xmas eve and that was okay because the beach urchins were here. I took Friday because Pengie and cBear (and the beach urchins, et al) were here. And I’m taking today, which ends up meaning four looooooong days off without a whole lot on the schedule. Because bored?

Maybe boredom isn’t exactly the right word to describe my state of mind. I finished my latest reading adventure today and I enjoyed having some reading time. I just get antsy when I am not very active. As it happens, preparations are going on for an odyssey that begins in a couple days and the various rummaging and packing activities randomly happening in the background are making it hard for me to concentrate on anything even though I am only marginally involved in the odyssey (nothing bad, don’t worry).

On top of that, it has been raining cats and dogs almost all day. My 0-skunk-30 walk was dry except for some intermittent leftover slippery spots but it all went downhill from there. The upside? The temperatures are just enough above freezing that there isn’t any snow or ice. But not conducive to hanging around outside, just fugly.

LSSU, the yooper college you can see from The Commander’s old Dillon house, released its annual list of banned words. I was pleased to see that “collusion” was included in the list. As everyone who follows the Orange Baboon on Twitter should know, this seems to be one of his favorite words. What does this word actually mean? Does the Head Twit know what it means? I don’t think so.

Some of the other words are also obnoxious but others I use frequently, like “wheelhouse”. I mainly use that to describe the xword. Is it in my wheelhouse or not? I use “wrap my head around” ALL THE TIME at work (except I say “brain” instead of “head”). To me it means I understand something well enough to be able to write coherently and comprehensively about how it works. And “ghosting” totally cracks me up. A while back, I told one of the beach urchins that the GG often ghosted me when I texted him. She said something like, “Mooooom, ghosting is when someone BREAKS UP with you by not replying to texts.” The GG is not interested in “breaking up” with me, he’s simply (obnoxiously) inconsistent about checking his text messages.

I feel like I’ve read enough good books to do a book blahg soon but I’m outta steam for now. But the book I finished today was “Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk”. I’m not sure it would be in everyone’s wheelhouse [har har] but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Yay for classy, intelligent, accomplished, WITTY women of any age!

P.S. The young couple next door have been expecting a baby. Yesterday I noticed that one of their vee-hickles had been gone a particularly long time and I guessed that maybe the baby had decided it was time. I mentioned this to the GG. He was skeptical. But guess what? He encountered a Dog Walker with their dog today and I was right! I often am, in these sorts of situations🐽 Beyond that, it’s a girl and that’s all I know.

2 Responses to “Boredom and collusion”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I doubt I use many of the words but I’m curious enough to check. Education has its own jargon, so if there were a site of banned words there I would add a few of my own: job alike, distinguished(from our teacher evals) and paradigm. Oh, and common core, differentiated and scaffolding. Ugh, glad I’m retired!! We’ve had a couple of beautiful blue sky(bluebird?) days, but the rain is coming in tomorrow for a while.

  2. Margaret Says:

    And Henry did ghost me, like a 13 year old. It was pathetic and infuriating. I guess, as the definition goes, he wanted to break up with me without talking to me. Geeze, man up!