Gritty and mildly NSFW

It was going to be another looooonng gray slodgy day so we mobilized for a wee bit of automotive exploration. We headed southward and eastward this time, stumbling onto a rural area I don’t think we’ve ever encountered. Just about the poorest, most rundown housing I’ve seen in a while, set against a desolate backdrop of scraggly northern winter vegetation. I couldn’t help but wonder about meth labs, even though I’m sure their existence is not limited to impoverished rural neighborhoods. Nevertheless, it was beautiful in a spooky sort of way. I wanted to take some pictures but usually feel uncomfortable about photographing other people’s poverty. As a bonus, we got to wait for this looooong freight train. I am mildly intrigued by train car graffiti and wonder if people have written dissertations on it.

After an hour or so of meandering, we wended our way back to west side Planet Ann Arbor and I heard the GG say to the UU (on the phone) that we were almost home and we both had to P. And yes, I did but I hadn’t said anything about it so I don’t know how he knew. We parked and he said, “Go and P and then we’ll go downtown to Conor O’Neill’s for some of that potato soup.” So I did (go and P) and apparently he did too but he didn’t use Eco-Terlet so I can only guess he did Burke Style urbanP in the back yard. TMI? 🐽

I don’t really know how the folks who run barrrrooooms can manage to handle the New Year’s Eve crowds and rowdiness and then open again the next day but I was glad to see that Conor’s was open because their potato soup lobster bisque and brown bread and general ambience hit the spot for me. We don’t [typically] go anywhere on NYE and if we do we are usually home well before the ball drops so we are usually up for a wee bit of decadence sometime on New Year’s Day.

And then… We took down xmas. I should say that Suzy Homemaker did most of the work. I removed a few ornaments from the tree, put my Santa collection away, used my iPhone flashlight to find a small yellow star ornament that went missing in the depths of the branches, and held the tree up while Suz unscrewed it from the holder. Suz has a “system” for storing ornaments and I decided I wasn’t really interested in learning it so I largely ignored the whole operation.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Suz? Am I losing my mind? I don’t remember that pseudonym. My late husband and Henry both liked the outdoor bathroom. I would suspect that John is more fastidious. 😉 I sort of enjoy putting out some decorations, but don’t like taking them down. However, I do it as soon as possible to get the house back to normal.