Baboons are us

I have a cute li’l timehop app that lets me look at various tweets and other things that I made “on this day throughout the years”. Nine years, in my case. Sometimes I do not even want to remember the stuff it serves up.

Today, it totally cracked me up! We [almost] NEVER talk polly-ticks at work. We are professionals who are focused on our web application at all times. One year ago, if I have it right, the LSCHP (who is no longer at Cubelandia and we miss him) said something like, “The secretary of state is calling the president a moron”. I did not fact-check that but that’s the last thing I heard anyone at Cubelandia say anything out loud about polly-ticks until today. DYND said she had received a news alert that the Orange Baboon was talking about how he could declare a state of emergency in order to build a wall or whatever. She and I and FZ spent about 60 seconds discussing this topic, all in horrified agreement about the Orange Baboon’s words, and then – abruptly – returned to our work.

We make a lot of trains run on time where I work and we can have our own polly-tickle opinions but they don’t inform our jobs. A LOT LIKE THE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE BEEN FURLOUGHED OR ARE WORKING WITHOUT PAY WHILE THE ORANGE BABOON CONTINUES HIS CHILDISH NARCISSISTIC TEMPER TANTRUM. I am not afraid of those ragged, destitute people from Central America who are trying to gain access to a better life in our country and I’m not sure why he thinks they are a categorical threat, especially since he has hired undocumented immigrants to work in his own dern organization. I don’t consider this situation a national emergency. This is just a ridiculous temper tantrum by a man-boy who craves attention, nothing more, nothing less. As much as I want this idiot out of office, I am not for impeachment unless/until there is a legal reason for it. I am glad that there is *finally* a person of power who is willing to call him out for the idiotic crapola he constantly spews.

Okay. I wrote all of that and then I walked over to Knight’s to get porterized and three hours later I am here and I am kind of dun dun dun for the night. One ‘hattan and a glass of cab over all that time. Love y’all, KW!

2 Responses to “Baboons are us”

  1. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    Oh, a ‘hattan sounds so good! Wine will have to suffice for now.

    I agree; I want that shitgibbon out of there NOW, but impeachment needs to be handled correctly. I wish Mueller would put the hammer down already.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It’s a real stain and embarrassment to this nation that he’s been able to say, do and get away with everything he already has. I am DONE with his antics and want him to just go away. And I will say so to anyone who will listen!