Another day, another roadhouse

A couple years ago we took a road trip to Crazy Old Florida. It was NOT an LSD trip, like the one we took last fall. It was a vacation trip and we rented a beautiful studio apartment in a retro place out on on Long Boat Key, on the beach.

One afternoon we went to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens and we were on our way to pick up FloridaMan to take him out to eat. The GG got all roto about where were we gonna eat, can you look up a place to eat, yada yada. I did NOT look up restaurants. I knew that FlaMan would know exactly where he wanted to eat and I was right! We pulled up in his driveway and he greeted us with a NSFW story about his male dog’s reproductive adventures the night before (this was before anyone said “hello” by the way). When we asked him where he wanted to go for dinner he had a ready response. Cody’s Roadhouse! Okay, let’s go.

Cody’s Roadhouse was fine. We sat at the bar and by the end of everything, the bartender, who I think had noticed my predicament of sitting next to FlaMan, topped off my second glass of whine in order to empty his bottle. I actually love hanging out with FlaMan and I was having fun. I kinda think that the bartender may have had previous experiences with FlaMan and probably guessed that I would tip a lot better than FlaMan and his friends do. I do tip well, sometimes excessively so, but we’ll talk about that some other day.

We encountered another roadhouse (Logan’s) on the way back north from that trip. We took a lot of back roads and eventually landed in Lexington, KY, on a Friday evening and we tried to gain access to a fancy brewpub or whatever it was but it was absolutely slammed so we ended up at a Logan’s Roadhouse, which ended up being very good and a lot of fun and the bartender had some kind of connection to Cananananada.

Of course, we have our own roadhouse here. It’s Zingerman’s Roadhouse and it is a pretty quick walk from The Landfill. It is a wonderful restaurant but for various reasons, I have only been there a few times.

One Response to “Another day, another roadhouse”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I always envision Roadhouses as being rather seedy, but it sounds like you’ve had good experiences with them. (our local Roadhouse Tavern is kind of a dive) I’m also a generous tipper, having had daughters who worked in food service.