A little spot of rainbow

So I have been spacified all weekend, which isn’t a bad thing but I reveled in a bit of Kexting at the end of today. Beach Urchins checking in about what they were cooking, etc. Pics included! Pizza in one home and pasta in another.

I am heating up some of the last scrabbly leftovers from the xmas season for myself. A bit of pheasant from New Year’s Day and some accompaniments. I tried to text this message to the beach urchins and TWO TIMES, autocorrect changed “scrabbly” to “scrabble”. Just to set the record straight, I am NOT eating Scrabble tiles tonight! [Jeebus]

I didn’t see the sunset today because clouds started to set in but, before they did, I caught a bit of rainbow on Chrissy the Police Mouse’s foot. I have prisms in the window and they occasionally rainbow something up.

Chrissy? I paid $4.00 for her at my once fave Kroger grocery store. I am not sure which incarnation of Kroger I bought her at. Eventually the Plum Market became my fave grocery store. I am not sure the Plum EVER sells stuffed aminals…

Whatever. Chrissy became the police mouse that helped me corral one of the beach urchins when I needed to. It was easier for that beach urchin to comply with directions issued from Chrissy than from me. It was okay for me to use stuffed aminals to talk to my children if that was what seemed to be needed.

One Response to “A little spot of rainbow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Autocorrect isn’t my friend either. And Siri doesn’t understand me very well when I speak. The daughters’ dinners sound great to me. I love both! Sometimes it does help to talk to children through a safe third party. 🙂