Technology “whiz” (or not)

So, I had to renew my driver’s license. In our state, we can do it by mail every other time. The other time was last time for me. When I have to renew in person, my usual strategy is to get to the DMV (actually ours is the SOS) before the place opens and hope there isn’t a huge line. Nowadays they have all kinds of technological options available. I chose the option to join the “line” via phone or browser. I’m a systems analyst. I talk to computers all day. What could go wrong?

Well, for two days I tried to use my phone browser to join the “line” but it didn’t seem to be fully functional. The DMV is over by the Plum Market so my plan was to get in “line” early early so I could get my business done and head off to work. But that didn’t work because phone browser dysfunction. Today I was having the same problem so duh, I switched to my laptop. Bang! I was in line!

The next part is too confusing to report but basically I was so anxious to get over there that. I. left. my. phone. on. the. table. at. home. Um, the way this technology works is that after you do a quick check-in, they TEXT you when it is your turn. Okay. Home again to get my phone. Which (and this was a GOOD thing) reported via text message that they weren’t quite open yet (they weren’t) but they would let me know when I was up. Oh, and if I needed a little more time, I could text back “M”, which I did because HOME GETTING MY DERN PHONE, and they gave me 12 extra minutes. Whew! (This was all snow-driving but it wasn’t scary snow-driving, even for the Ninja.)

I got back there and ended up having a 10 minute wait (which was fine since I was the ninny who forgot her phone) and I was outta there PDQ. I didn’t even have to take the “What Every Driver Must Know” multiple choice test. I dunno when they stopped that requirement. I don’t remember if I had to take it the last time or not. I asked the young whippersnapper about the test and he looked at me a bit like I was nuts. Fortunately, I was done done done by then so they couldn’t haul me off to the loony bin or whatever.

All in all, that was a GOOD experience and our DMV/SOS has done a great job improving user experience at their offices. Our state government has done something right! And yes of course, my pic is fugly as sin. I just said “that’s okay” when he showed it to me. As always, the fewer times I have to show my driver’s license to a cop, the better.

We won’t talk about the gyrations I am currently going through to read New Yorker articles or do their weekly xword or their jigsaws (yes, they have online jigsaws). I have an automatically paid renewing subscription but somehow I keep getting caught up in these “you have no free articles left” loops where I go nuts trying to figure out how the heck to log in. Usually I end up having to log out and in again. You guys? Hire some UX pros or at least some lowly business analysts.

And then Cubelandia was nutso today. Meetings with Indians here and on the subcontinent. I love these folks. They are sooooo smart. We speak different languages, linguistically and technologically so sometimes I struggle. One language we all speak is life. Two of the young men over on the Indian subcontinent are getting married and another is expecting a baby. Of course, I mean his wife is having the baby. Congratulations, love, and much laughter all around in that meeting today.

2 Responses to “Technology “whiz” (or not)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I dread going to the DMV because I think ours still requires you to take a number, then pass an eye test about 2 hours later. There are often “interesting” people in the waiting area, so that keeps me entertained for a while.

  2. jane Says:

    just got my driver’s license renewal info. eek! I’m not ‘real ID’ compliant so need a new license, and apparently we’re replacing all the actual plates, so need those replaced too. (that is very poor sentence structure, but I’m moving on without correction)
    I haven’t even found the ‘text to get a place in line’ info. Then again, I always go to the Chelsea SOS. a pretty little drive out and back. 😉